Dying Here

Day 12 since New Wife went back to Seffrica to spoil New Granddaughter:

…which is all very well;  I, on the other hand, feel like this:

I really don’t do well by myself.

Also, I’ve had to deal with some (not serious) medical issues requiring a couple trips to the doc, and some minor repair work to the Tiguan, which means I’ve been driving Sputum for the past while.


Strangely enough, getting out of the above isn’t too bad;  getting in, however, requires a gallon of grease and at least two crowbars to wrangle my fat ass into place.


  1. Sputum is a great description of that color.

    When I was travelling I’d get great rental car upgrades. Once, I waddled up to the my spot and in it was a Mitsubishi Eclipse coupe. Very cool!. I opened the back, chucked my bags in. Then tried to get in.

    Not a pretty sight. I did squeeze in, and once in it was comfy, but like a glove.

    Then I got to the hotel, and my fat ass had to get out.

    Not a pretty sight. A funny one. Lots of grunting, groaning, and vile oaths. I had to roll out to my left, put my hands on the ground to get outta the thing.

    BTW, I wasn’t huge. 6′, 240, built like a bear, not a blimp.

  2. You sure you’re supposed to ‘get inside’ that roller skate ??
    I would have thought you just take it off the closet hanger and ‘put it on’ !
    In any case, drive carefully.
    You’re going to get the ‘south end’ of a collision with anything bigger than a tricycle !

  3. If you’d “withered away” to the point of actually resembling Pix-2, you’d have no problem getting in to or out of Pix-3./s

  4. Eat more meat.

    I’ve gone on a carnitarian diet. Lost 40 pounds in three months, and my blood sugar has stabilized to the point where I could safely stop using long term insulin.

    Carbs = fat ass.

  5. Forgive me sir, but what exactly is that lima bean with 4 wheels?
    Perhaps it could be a FIAT but just does not look like one in that profile.
    My sincere condolences if it is indeed such, and greater if it hails from China.
    Agree that VW has been great, but like you, will not be purchasing any new ones (have owned a total of 7 of which I have 2 diesels in the garage). Of course, the one I want to acquire as my “last” car is a Tiguan diesel, which of course they did not import to USA. Am contemplating purchasing one in EU land, taking it on grand tour there then bringing it back here (details yet to be worked out).

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