It’s Not Hypothetical Anymore

A Black intellectual asks this question, talking about a White man:

Confronted by someone who is constantly bludgeoning me about the evils of colonialism, urging me to tear down the statues of “dead white men,” insisting that I apologize for what my white forebears did to the “peoples of color” in years past, demanding that I settle my historical indebtedness via reparations, and so forth—I well might begin to ask myself, were I one of these “white oppressors,” on exactly what foundations does human civilization in the 21st century stand? I might begin to enumerate the great works of philosophy, mathematics and science that ushered in the “Age of Enlightenment,” that allowed modern medicine to exist, that gave rise to the core of human knowledge about the origins of the species or of the universe. I might begin to tick-off the great artistic achievements of European culture, the architectural innovations, the paintings, the symphonies, etc. And then, were I in a particularly agitated mood, I might even ask these “people of color,” who think that they can simply bully me into a state of guilt-ridden self-loathing, where is “their” civilization?

Good question, because there is no answer.

And as the title suggests, this is no hypothetical question because it is asked and answered every day by us White people.

The plain and simple fact is that the sum of our civilization, whether technology, sciences, language, philosophy and culture has been created almost exclusively by “Caucasian” or “White” men, and the contributions by “other races” — all of them — have been practically zero or at very best, minimal.

Prove me wrong.


    1. Ludwig van Beethoven….so much, he had to be mentioned twice.
      But, you forgot Charles “Boss” Kettering.

      1. Fixed the duplication. Sorry about Kettering, but I had to stop somewhere. I could have easily added a thousand more names, but my point was sufficiently made for a “brief” post.

  1. The truth is not a popular thing these days. Fact is, the majority of the negro’s have been an enormous parasitic drain on the whites for all of the time they have been together. Simply drive, with locked doors and windows, and fully armed, through any medium to large city in the US and you’ll see what the negro race is capable of, even with all the massive gov’t support stolen from the working class. There’s a reason why they were considered 3/5 human, and everyone that has had to relate with them over a period of time understands this. Complete separation is the only cure.

    1. I wrote something similar at BigCountryExPatOriginal after his post ‘Broken’.
      I used research by scientists about shrinking brains in domesticated cows compared to their bison ancestors.
      Wild cows are more intelligent with a broad array of interests… and solutions.
      Could exposing Northern European heritage folk to traditional Afrika inhabitants require us to ‘dumb-down’?
      See if you agree:
      Wrong link.
      But if you want to read about soy turning all 57 genders into lady-boys, that would be the ticket.
      The research on tinier brains can be seen at ScienceMagazine:

  2. The “reparations for slavery” thing has been batted around for, well, damn near forever it seems, with no end in sight. As far as I can tell, Logic Has Left The Building on the topic eons ago, but the rep band still plays on.

    Above and beyond the Constitutional stipulation of not punishing Joe or Tom for the transgressions of Harry, basic logic – assuming one possesses “logic” that is founded, at least partially, in fairness – dictates the same response (that Marine drill sergeants most assuredly do not subscribe to this philosophy is noted, and reserved for discussion at another time).

    Anyway, a guy named “Fred Reed” (that’s the name his columns appeared under when he wrote about crime for the Washington, D.C. Evening Star, and later, columns at <iThe Washington Times newspapers; what’s actually on his birth certificate is both unknown and irrelevant). Among the several columns he penned on the topic of reparations, one is labeled “Fred Says Reparations Owed For Slavery” (it’s in the Nekkid in Austin compendium of Fred Reed columns; a quick search of AlGore’s Intertubes failed to identify the original date or source of the piece) in which he offers that, rather than reparations paid toblacks for slavery, they should owe whites royalties for living under benefit of all the positive things whites have created and maintain. (For further information, follow Darwin 8615’s link, above).

    In the piece, Fred would like to be reimbursed for the three bicycles he has had stolen, and suggests that society’s cost of private and parochial education directly related to avoiding incompetent black teachers and school administrators be repaid, the expense of purchasing, and training with, firearms to resist black-committed crimes (he accompanies this with a question: “Fred, we aren’t criminals, why should we pay for what other blacks do?” with Fred’s response: “We don’t have any slaves, why should we pay for what other whites did?”). Like I said, logic ain’t the strong suit in all this.

    For all the benefits of Modern Western Civilization, Fred figures royalties of $100K/per black would be about right as compensation for the unlicensed use of all of Western Civ’s benefits and largesse; I think Fred is “cheaping out” on the deal, but that aside, I’ll take my share in cash, small bills, please, or, preferably, Eagles, Krugerrands or Maple Leafs.

  3. And thus the absurd insistence by the libtards that Wakanda is real simply because there is no other example of stellar civilization from that culture. And when these same libtards start listing all the supposed benefits of diversity, the first thing on the list is all the different restaurants, the second thing is, uhh, hmmm, have you tried that new Indian food place?

    And of course that leads to the thought, if they don’t like it here then they are welcome to leave. We should have a standing fund to purchase 1-way tickets to Africa for any person of color wishing to renounce their US citizenship and leave.

  4. I think we do owe a debt of gratitude to the Hindus who invented what we call Arabic numerals. (The main contribution of the Arabs was to standardize the set of symbols for those numerals.) Much of Western science, and especially Western engineering, would have been difficult or impossible without them. Try to imagine doing simple multiplication and division with Roman numerals. Now imagine doing fractions with them. (Let’s not even consider what algebra, trigonometry, and calculus would be like.)

    China deserves credit for the Four Great Inventions: the compass, gunpowder, papermaking, and printing.

    1. I would also give India credit as the origin of the only non-Abrahamic religion to spread significantly beyond the region of its birth – Buddhism.

      Although Buddhism hasn’t really had much effect on the world.

  5. Actually… I’m okay with reparations.


    If they also pay for all the societal damage they’ve done via murder, robbery, etc, given that they very disproportionately commit crimes in excess of all other races. AND they police their own to curb future crime. Then I’m all for reparations.

    Because you have to give a little to get a little.

    And because it’ll never happen.

  6. Reparations is a topic that gets on my last nerve.

    Three of my four grandparents immigrated to the US in the last decade of the 19th Century, so three quarters of my family tree wasn’t even IN the US at the time slavery was the law-of-the-land. The remaining grandmother was born in what’s now North Dakota (Minot to be specific), before it was a state, and family legend has it that HER father was a drummer boy in Sherman’s Army, so to the extent that my ancestors were in the US they fought to END slavery. So why, pray tell, do I need to pay reparations?

    Mark D

    1. RE: “So why, pray tell, do I need to pay reparations?” Marc D

      You don’t and never will for manifold reasons.

      Reparations to be paid to negroes is a fever dream of Race Hustlers.

      Dan Kurt

    2. I have some ancestors who might have owned slaves, pre-Civil War. And I have one who emigrated from Germany around 1850 as a child, enlisted in the 72nd Ohio in 1861, spent the last year of the war in Andersonville, and miraculously made it home in spite of that.

      So I figure g-g-grandpa Gotthilf cancels out any possible slaveowners. And he sure as heck didn’t fight so his g-g-grandchildren could pay out money to people who were never slaves.

  7. I’ll be happy to pay reparations to any person I’ve ever held in slavery.

    Other than that, bugger off.

  8. Let’s be honest. The next productive black civilization will be the first black civilization. The whole concept of “Wakanda” cracks me up. Even if a black did discover an element like Vibranium that made such a society possible, it would never happen. They’d find it and if they couldn’t eat it or screw it, they’d destroy it. Such is history.

    Now to reparations. Honestly I’d be 100% in favor of it if it were accompanied by repatriation. Sure, we’ll pay reparations – but the concept is that a great harm was done by whites by removing them from the paradise that is Africa. Fine. We’ll pay for that harm and we’ll also reverse it by returning them to Africa. There’s no amount of money that would be too much to pay if we could do that – the return on investment would be quick and incredible.

    In fact, let me moot a plan. Let’s say that any person with provable African black ancestry was eligible for a one-time, $100,000 payment, on the condition that they renounce their citizenship, return to Africa, and never return. The logistics would work like this. We’d pay $25,000 in cash, up front, for enrolling in the program. We’d give them two weeks to settle their affairs, sell any owned property (LOL), and so forth. Then they board a luxury cruise ship bound for, say, Liberia. The remaining $75,000 would be payable upon arrival in Liberia. This final payment would be payable only to the signer, and would not be inheritable or transferable. And, that amount of money would make them unbelievably wealthy by Liberian standards – far more than they are here.

    To free these Africans from the curse of white supremacy, the only whites on board the ship would be the ship’s crew and enough armed soldiers to protect them from any eventuality. The passengers would be free to live in complete African harmony that only they can create. I figure that about half of the passengers would be killed by the other half for whatever’s left of their $25K up front money. Since most cruise ships hold about 3,000 passengers, that means that we’d save $112,500,000 per trip in the final payments. Rinse and repeat until this country is 90% white again.

    Imagine a country where suddenly, inner cities became habitable by humans again. Where you could walk around downtowns at night safely. Where the police could again do their jobs. Where welfare wasn’t a big industry.

    I’ve mooted $100,000 per person. Based on the current black population, that means that this program would cost around $4.4 trillion (based on all the blacks actually collecting the full 100K, which won’t happen). That would be easy and quick return on investment.

    So yeah. Reparations with repatriation? It’s a no brainer.

  9. My forbearers were around during the periods when there was slavery, but as New England Yankees and Mill owners responsible for large portions of the ” Industrial Revolution ‘ that built a city north of Boston that still carries the Family name, I can’t see how we owe any reparations. We provided employment and housing, and the foundations for the American economy.

    …… and a large portion of the money went into the founding of MIT ……. and OK .. Harvard as well . ( Sorry about that!! Not every investment is a winner……. and the ” Red School” is a lot different from what it was when my Great Grand Father ran the ” Board of Overseer’s”. )

  10. A long-time lurker here, all the way back to TOSoK.

    FWIW, I think that any reparations should be paid by the Democratic Party, the party of Copperheads, Jim Crow, and post-Reconstruction chaos. Any and all funds should come from both operating budgets AND campaign finance funds. I think that it should be this way, because the Democrats are a more proximal cause for liability, in both a temporal and philosophical sense…

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