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For the past four days I’ve tried to play my bass guitar — trying to push through the agony of Olde Phartte joint pain, hoping that with regular practice I could fall into playing it for fun again.

No such luck.  In fact, Day 4 (yesterday) was so bad that I quit after an hour.

I give up.  So:

4 Sale

Epiphone EB-3 (copy of Gibson) 4-string bass, hard case, spare set of Ernie Ball strings, strap, headphones and cords:

The only mod I made was replacing the utterly useless rotary pickup selector switch with a three-way (bridge, neck and bridge&neck), because the POS rotary broke after a month or so’s gentle (i.e. home) use.  Otherwise in as-new condition.

Price:  Sweetwater has them at $400;  I’m asking $250 plus whatever shipping is required.  (N.Texas residents will get it dropped off at a place of their choice.)

Roland Cube 30 Bass amp (30w, 10″ speaker):

For reasons best known to themselves, Roland discontinued this little sweetie.  I just wish I’d had it as a gig amp instead of the monster I used to slip discs putting into the van.  Everything works as advertised.

Price:   as it’s been discontinued, the closest equivalent I can find is this Ampeg, which is also solid state and 40w, with a 10″ speaker, but with no COSM features.  Guitar Center sells it for $150;  I’ll take $100 for the Roland, plus shipping.  (Same deal for N. Texans.)

So:  $350 for a bass/amp gig setup which quite frankly would have served me well in my misspent yoot.

Let me know by email (kim@) if you’re interested.  I’d prefer to sell them as a package, but that’s not set in concrete.  (BTW:  I don’t haggle, unless we’re talking about an exchange for a .22 rifle or pistol of similar value which is taking up needed space in your safe.)

Update:  I found a good home for the gear:  a young lady heading for a college music school.


  1. Seemingly not a bad deal at all. How old are the pieces? That bass looks just like the Gibson SG 6 string I bought in ’90, installed DiMarzio PAF pro PU’s and than gave it to my son that still owns it.

    Curious what the problem was with the playing. The surface of the fingers, or the finger/wrist joints?

    Seems we spend the first half of our life gaining things and the second half getting rid of them. Start with nothing and end with nothing.

    1. About ten years old, but hardly played. I mean, the past four days have seen as much action as on the prior five years.

  2. It’s always hard when it’s time to let someone else love something of yours.

  3. I’m a sucker for a deal like this.

    That said, I’m in the same boat. My hands are stiff, my shoulder, while healing, isn’t going to be where I can stand and play any longer. Plus, your writing about things not being fun any more, so quit them and sell off has been rattling in my head.

    So I have a vintage ovation balladeer up on Ebay. My last acoustic guitar to unload. I’m ambivalent about it. Getting rid of the Carvin LB70 and the JBass I had left a hole in my heart though.

    I’d normally make a play for the amp, but I stumbled upon a similar one in my closet that I forgot I had.

  4. Ahh, Kim, that’s a shame. I’m not up for playing four five hours a night three nights a week like I used to be, but parting with my guitars would be a hard day indeed.

    Good luck with the sale.

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