1. Agree — no interest in flying to NY or NJ. At the same time, I wouldn’t fly Frontier to Shangri-La. Cheap ticket is alluring, but then you need to pay extra $ for a seat and extra $ for any luggage (more for a carry-on than checked bags). Once you tally up the fees and taxes, a nice Southwest Airlines flight is often cheaper, and you get to avoid Frontier’s militant flight attendants.

  2. Having lived in both NYC and NJ, I can tell you it’s worse than you know.

    When I moved from NYC to NJ, the gun laws actually got BETTER (which tells you everything you need to know about NYC gun laws).

    People ask me if I miss working in NYC, the “energy” and “vibrancy”. Not in the slightest, in summertime is smells like piss and garbage, when it rains it smells like somebody pissed ON garbage mixed with wet bum, in winter it’s colder than a well diggers ass, the subways are just an extension of the sewer system, everything is expensive, etc. I once walked past a subway entrance where there was a homeless guy laughing like a hyena while he pissed down the stairway banister. I’ve ridden the subways with people who apparently hadn’t had a bath since the Johnson administration (Andrew, not Lyndon). I spent my time hopefully looking for a little silver handle I could pull and flush the whole city down the toilet.

    Have I made myself clear on my dislike for NYC?

    NJ was marginally better. The area I lived in was nice, suburban, nice homes, families. Of course I paid nearly $12K per year in property taxes for the privilege of living there. Go to Newark, Trenton, Camden etc and it’s a different story. You might as well be in the South Bronx.

    Mark D

    1. Trenton was the scariest place I have ever been. Worse than downtown Detroit, the South Side of Chicago and Pine Ridge.

  3. Those cheap seats are on the flight that departs at 4:15 AM and makes 3 stops as it does Mail deliveries, and the seats are the ones in the last back row that don’t recline and have less legroom next to the broken bathroom.

    I’ve flown in those seats —– never again. Doesn’t matter what the destination.

  4. I’ve had to fly a few times since the coof hit. There’s a consequence to those cheap flights.

    Both flights I was on, and ones adjacent (I noticed whist waiting to board), were 2/3 joggers.

    It’s very very odd to be flying to this or that city (not a big blue one either) that the plane had this population. I’ve been travelling for 30 years and have never seen it.

  5. I’m planning a driving trip to do a little face-to-face meetup with various people I’ve met on the internet, one of whom lives in NY state.

    I’ve asked him to meet me in Pennsylvania, so I don’t have to enter that poxy state. PA has concealed carry reciprocity with TX.

    Unfortunately, I also have to figure out a way to visit family and friends who live in PDRK.

  6. My girlfriend told me to kiss her where it smells funny…
    So I took her to New Jersey.

  7. I used to fly Frontier a fair bit…wasn’t bad at all, back before they got bought out by Spirit. Last time was in 2013, when my grandfather passed away. I think it was right after they’d been bought out, but before any substantial changes had been made. Having flown Spirit once before (a day trip from LAS to LAX that turned into an overnighter due to their incompetence) and deciding to never make that mistake again, I also haven’t been back to Frontier since then.

  8. In the early ’70s, I was required to fly into New York, ride a bus to New Jersey, where I was supposed to fly out for my next duty assignment. The “less than thirty six hour transit” found me on the last plane to land in NYC as one of their legendary ice storms blew in and buried the entire east coast for over a week.

    To get me to go to New York now, you would have to force me to march back under armed guard.

  9. World renowned restaurants, art museums, shops, none can overcome the hive of villiany and scum that New York has become. I won’t go back to visit. De Blasio and his predecessors have destroyed that city.

    Southern NJ was nice when I drove through but I’m not in a hurry to visit that fetid cow pie of a state.


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