Amazing Coincidence

First, Iran’s largest ship mysteriously catches fire and is destroyed, and then a large oil refinery near Teheran mysteriously catches fire.

[T]he head of the company in charge of the refinery reportedly told Iranian state TV the possibility of sabotage had been ruled out.

He put it down to a “technical” issue. No doubt, the same technical issue which blew up their frigate.  And yeah, rather admit to a technical issue than saying it was sabotage.

If I were a paranoid Iranian mullah, however, I’d suspect that the Izzies have been up to their old tricks.

We’ll know that’s the case when President Braindead or his lickspittle State Department condemns the “accidents” for no apparent reason.


  1. Given the state of both maintenance and operational skills in that part of the world, sheer incompetence may be the cause maybe with just a little Israeli technical “help”. Now if we could crank up the accident rate at the Iranian nuke facilities.

    1. How does that old saying go? “Never attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity.” Something along those lines. Also, the normal outcome when 1st world tech is introduced to 3rd world incompetency.

  2. It was just a coincidence and thank you, Israel.

    Israel intelligence has always had the ability to operate in Islamic countries based on the large numbers of Jews that were expelled from those countries post-1948. People who spoke like natives and knew the culture were a huge asset. However, this group is aging out and I am not sure how they are going to be replaced. The budding alliance with the Gulf Arabs can help with Arab countries but Iran is not Arab. I guess Iranian opponents of the regime can be recruited.

  3. So, shortly after Iran sends more rockets to Hamas, two fairly important Iranian things just happen to catch on fire? Sooner or later, somebody over there will connect the dots.

    Unfortunately, they’ll probably react by blaming Israel and the US instead of just stopping the flow of weapons to terrorists. Too bad. It’s amazing how profitable it is to not arm terrorists. And a nice bonus is that your stuff doesn’t randomly blow up all the time.

  4. So after an an extensive twelve hour investigation into the cause of a still burning fire, the head of the refinery “ruled out sabotage”. I’m guessing the penalty for allowing sabotage is a lot more final for the boss than a basic operational screw-up that can be blamed on a now dead team of operators.

    1. Given the age of the ship and the suspected very poor state of maintenance it’s indeed far more likely to be that than sabotage.
      Why sabotage something that’s going to sink when someone looks at it weird?

  5. Back when we had security agencies dedicated to protecting the US, instead of enforcing wokedom, we used to be capable of these kind of things. God bless the Izzies.

  6. When any repairs end with “Allah Akbar” you know you are getting some quality work.

  7. It was a 44 year old oiler, not a frigate, built for the Shah in Britain.
    She’d probably had more rust than steel below the waterline.

    1. There IS an Iranian Frigate transiting to Venezuela –
      any word on how that voyage is going?
      Does the IDF have any long-range subs?

      1. That’s a transport carrying a number of fast attack craft or coastal patrol boats.
        AFAIK it’s traveling alone, doesn’t have a frigate as escort.

        And no, Israeli subs are very small, designed for use in the eastern Mediterranean only to engage the navies of its potential enemies there.
        Endurance counted in days, not weeks let alone months.

  8. Thank you Shayetet 13!

    And that refinery fire apparently includes 18 tankers, all of which are burning.

    Good job!

    And Bad, BAD Luck! In a Heinlein (PBUH) / Kipling sense.

  9. Huh. Now that Slo Joe is back to buying Persian oil, does that mean gas prices will go even higher? Go figger.

  10. Sure, just don’t act like Iran reacted “unprovoked” when they get their tat for this act-of-war tit.

  11. It was reported there was the distinct smell of gefilte fish at the scene.

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