Still Incommunicado

Sorry, folks… this is what you get when your apartment complex gives the sole contract to AT&T… resounding silence to my request for assistance.  (And don’t say “satellite”, because guess who owns DirecTV?)

Anyway, I have a few moments to write some stuff, and I’ll do so in a moment.  Regular programming should resume In’shallah when AT&T deigns to give it back to me.


  1. > And don’t say “satellite”,

    Take a gander at Elon Musk’s Starlink.

    ‘During beta, users can expect to see data speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms in most locations over the next several months as we enhance the Starlink system. ‘

  2. and on the west coast of Floreeda, our condo has a provider with a different name which is known to go blank any time of day or night (though mostly on weekends when you can’t get hold of anyone), high/low winds, high/low humidity, sheeting rain/sunshine – – –

  3. Starlink may not be a good solution yet since I don’t believe they have enough birds in orbit yet for that far south. They are using low earth orbits and not Geosync They are covering the northern latitudes first .. plus $600 upfront for equipment.

    1. There’s about enough birds up, but Kim’s apartment doesn’t have adequate line of sight for Starlink to deliver acceptable service. As much as I’d love to suggest it as an option for him.

  4. Have you tried using your phone’s hotspot or tethered it? Simple blogging without too much visual content will not use much cell phone data, which is pretty cheap now anyway.

    It’s what we do while at our cottage out where there is no wired internet.

  5. Just my humble opinion, based on experience but ……
    Stay away from satellite – endured 6 YEARS of it – and as a side bonus
    stay away from Musk as well !

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