1. We are, collectively (or is that now a bad word in Marxist theology), holding our breath

  2. Back when F-1 was concerned about putting on a good show, instead of making a statement.

  3. We miss your silly shit and words of wisdom. Come on down and visit us next month. We will do a bit of shooting and you can play with my Parker Hale .303 sporterized rifle along with a few other goodies. It has the vernier caliper .303 sight. I have a hand full of other fun rifles to bruise your shoulder including a .308 Savage 99 which indeed kicks like a son of a bitch. Anyway send the new lady off for adventures and come, on, down.

  4. What? No lounging about the Starbucks with the Hipsters and Soccer Moms of Plano, glomming the Wi-Fi and tap tap tapping on your laptop whist trying to look important?

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