Very interesting piece by Max Morton at American Greatness.  One passage caught my attention in particular:

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what country you come from, what god you worship, or what political ideology you believe in. When a man has no options, when no hope remains, when for him there is no tomorrow . . . he will fight with ferocity and fury not of this world. It is worth considering this fact—written in history from Thermopylae to the Alamo and to the Warsaw ghetto—when attempting to impose one’s will on another.

He’s talking about Afghanistan and the timeless futility of trying to achieve anything in that shithole.  But read on through to the end, when he brings it home:

If we listen to the words of the politicians and their bureaucrat handlers in Washington, we can hear the language of the imperative, “Submit,” with no post-capture options. And, if we look at the current zero-sum game of political warfare, cancel culture, and the weaponization of the Justice Department, federal law enforcement, and intelligence agencies, we can see deliberate preparations to answer traditional Americans’ “or what?” response.


In reality, [our current ruling elites] are not strong enough—or smart enough—to wield the command “Submit.” So, having picked up the sword, they will watch it be taken from their hands and then used against them by their very enemy—traditional Americans, who understand there will be no tomorrow, and in whose eyes there is a fierceness, a fury, that is beyond their world. It will be a fatal miscalculation that will bring about the downfall of a cursed and failed American ruling elite.

We can only hope.


  1. Re: the last graph you posted, color me skeptical. If the Kung Flu has shown us anything, it’s that there are far too many – my guestimate is a solid majority of Americans – who are all too eager to grab their ankles – especially if Big Bro is willing to “pay” (with your $$ of course) for the lube, repackaged as “economic impact payments.”

  2. “We can only hope.”
    We will not long remember them when they are gone, nor will we pay any heed to those who will cry out “Why did you do this?”.

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