1. They should have one for guns… “Choose all the assault weapons” with the only actual “assault weapon” being a full-auto Glock pistol tucked amongst a bunch of scary looking black semi-auto and bolt action rifles.

    I’m sure there are better ones..

  2. A whole bunch of Democrat and RINO politicians’ heads: “Choose the actual Socialists.”

    1. I like the version of that which is captioned “Those captchas are getting tough.”

  3. I think the correct answer there is “If I know anything about any of that stuff, why would you think I would be interested in seeing the mouth breathing drool on your webpage?”….unless, of course, there’s tits. 😀

      1. By the way, the highest number of the “math” squares I can identify is… one (and I’m not even sure about that). Several of my brainy friends can’t find any at all, and suspect it might be a hoax.
        Don’t ask me about the music thing… I haven’t done any serious theory in about fifty years, and all that makes my head ache.

        1. It’s been a long time since I used calculus, but if I’m correct in reading those blurs at the top of the long-esses as the infinity symbol, ALL the squares are improper integrals.

          In #1, the integrand includes a divide by zero at x=0. The rest all seem to go to x = infinity. Thus the integrals as stated are undefined, all though it may be possible to derive a computable form by re-stating them as a limit, depending on whether the integral converges at this limit.

          But what does “cognate” mean in this context? That’s no mathematical term I recognize, and duck-duck-go doesn’t help much. It did find _one_ PDF file at https://carma.newcastle.edu.au/resources/jon/sinc-sums.pdf (and other locations), which uses the word informally for related integrals and sums of series. That does not seem applicable here. Perhaps all “cognate” is saying here is that these integrals are the simplified (incorrect) version of the improper integrals rather than the proper expression as the limit of an integral.

      1. I took that class twice, and I swear I did not fall asleep in either. I did pass, too. I blame not using anything more complicated than percentages for forty years.

    1. An integral is the area under a curve, in a plot of a function of (for instance) x. To have a definite value, a range of x must be specified, such as x=0 to x=2 in the top left square. Some integrals can be solved mathematically, but most of them can only be evaluated approximately. These days, you use a computer program that divides the range of x into a lot of little segments, calculates the height and area of each segment, and adds all the areas together. But it’s easier to understand how this could be done before powerful computers were readily available: engineers and scientists might draw the graph on cardboard, then cut it out of the cardboard and weigh the piece below the graph. (One of my professors did this for his PHD thesis in nuclear physics, in approximately 1965.)

      But to do this, or the approximation by computer, the range of x must be finite and the function must be well-behaved within that range, so the graph would fit on a piece of paper. Box #1 has x=0 to 2, but there’s a divide by zero at x=0; the graph shoots off the page where it nears 0. The others all have a range up to x = infinity, so they won’t fit on any page. These are “improper integrals”.

  4. I sent the music one to my kids. They’re all musicians. One daughter has a Masters in music and teaches theory. We’ll see what the come back with.

    1. She says 1, 5, 6, and 9.

      Now, The Englishman can post his comment of “LOL” on that particular blog.

  5. I think that properly selecting the appropriate squares of the math one makes it more likely that you are a robot than a human (outside a small population of math whizzes’/nerds)

  6. Why can’t they do something like “Select the 12 year-old Single Malt,” or “Select the Skank Beer.” I could figure those out.

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