News Roundup

Confetti blown in the wind
Nobody cares
Journalists howl at things.
Haiku, Kim du Toit

So today we lead off with INSIGNIFICA:

and the A in Arquette stands for Asswipe.

Now onto the the (ahem) “hard” news…

but that means they’ll just hate us up to 11 now !

no doubt celebrating the news of America’s withdrawal, in their traditional manner.

and in all those years, she never once thought of, say, leaving his freako ass and going home to Momma.

not to be unkind, but the only way this chick could “sizzle” is if you dropped her onto the griddle at Waffle House.

it’s not crazy:  you are, you fat trailerpark sow.

we’re not “allowing” it, as none of the poxy car manufacturers has ever actually asked our permission.

I didn’t think I could like these three guys any more than I already do, but this is epic.

and when Mr. Sex Pistol himself calls you a moron

don’t too excited, folks.  This has as much chance of getting past President Braindead’s veto pen as Ted Nugent has of getting a handjob from Oprah WinfreyIn Madison Square Garden.  On stage.

see the item above.

serves ’em right for being rude.

oh.  My bad.

Silly fools even draw the swastika ass-about-face.

And finally, from the Department of the Blindingly Obvious:

The REAL news:  Carol Vorderman has freckled boobs.


  1. Since I know almost nothing about pop culture – or whatever its called these days -I had to look up Honey Ross just to know. Thankfully my stomach was empty except for a cup of coffee which tasted much worse coming up than it did going down.

  2. I’m going to need to examine those, Carol….you know, to see if the freckles are authentic.

  3. Wow. Marilyn Manson is a creep and you shouldn’t be his girlfriend? Who could have foreseen that. Case dismissed!

    1. Best car for a teen boy was great. Getting the car home quietly after staying out too late had me in stitches.

  4. “…and in all those years, she never once thought of, say, leaving his freako ass and going home to Momma.”
    or like, going to the police and getting him arrested?

    “…it’s not crazy: you are, you fat trailerpark sow.”
    Now how did she get a million dollars to fuel a cocaine habit in just one year?

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