Deceit And Coverup

Via Insty comes this latest bastardy, in Eureka MO just west of St. Louis:

Faced with complaints from parents about the indoctrination of children, an official in Rockwood School District, Missouri, instructed teachers to create two sets of curriculum: a false one to share with parents, and then the real set of curriculum, focused on topics like activism and privilege.

I should point out that the foul “educator” who sent out this loathsome message is, like First Lady Jill Biden, a Doctor in Education (EdD).

And the next time someone tells me that homeschooling is wrong for children, I’m going to punch them in the face.


  1. Very interesting as I lived in Rockwood school district up until 2+ years ago (the district covers areas besides Eureka, much of it semi rural and upscale). It is overall a very conservative area but kind of typical that the government drones don’t care a what the parents want.

    I have no idea how lefty the schools are though, my kids never set foot in any of them and instead attended the Lutheran (LCMS) schools the whole time. Those schools are both excellent academically and very conservative.

    It does not matter where one lives, sending children to government schools is parenting malpractice.

  2. My kids ended up going to .gov schools. Because….reasons.

    But at least up to Middle School every teacher my kids had said they welcomed parents to attend class.

    That being said the level of shit-itude that I had to train out of my progeny was truly staggering.

    I will say no school teacher I ever viewed or listened to, ever brought up the concept of the “authoritative fallacy” or the concept of “ipse dixit”

  3. Upon reading this to my wife, she noted that in her work previously as a daycare teacher, they were instructed by management to lie to parents when asked about the behavior of their children. This is nothing new, and reason to stay-at-home, whatever the cost, with your children (if possible).

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