Replacement Options

After the Great Gun Robbery, and following a very pleasant discussion with our insurance claims person, it appears that I will be getting full (i.e. replacement value) payout for both the (raffled) Boomershoot CZ 557 Varmint .308 Win rig (including scope) and my own CZ 550 (ditto), but this discussion will ignore the latter, as it’s my personal gun (whereas the Boomershoot gun belongs to someone else, so to speak).  The payout will come soon after the insurance company receives the police report, so figure on a week or two from today’s date.

Replacement cost for the Boomershoot rig looks like about $1,000 for the rifle, $725 for the Vortex scope and $200 for the hard case (which I added, for shipping to the eventual lucky winner).  If we can all agree to leaving off the case — shipping it in the manufacturer’s box — then we’re looking at about $2,000 for the rig in total.

Here’s where the discussion begins, and I’m going to need the input of the ticket holders here.

I am perfectly willing to get a “straight” replacement rig — CZ557 Varmint .308 Win + Vortex Viper 6-24x50mm, and if the general consensus seems to favor that package I will do so. Here’s what it looks like:

Remember, it’s a monster and I was getting sub-MOA groups with relative ease.  The only problem — and please correct me if I’m wrong — is that the damn 557 is out of stock pretty much everywhere I look, which means I’d have to order the thing and wait, and wait, and wait.  (The scope is not a problem — it’s available pretty much everywhere.)

If we (and I mean we) decide to get a substitute rifle of similar appearance, ability and cost but immediately available, a couple of options present themselves.

Here’s the first:  do we stick with .308 Win, or go for a different chambering, e.g. 6.5 Creedmoor ?  Here’s one such gun, from Europtic:

(They also have the S20 in .308 Win and some others, for a couple hundred bucks more, btw.)

I don’t know about y’all, but that Sako turns my crank, big time.  (They also have the “Hunter” version, which has a thumbhole stock, in several calibers, for about the same price):

Nothing wrong with that, either.  Add a similarly-priced scope to the Vortex, and we’d be right at the $2,000 budget.

Over at Sportsman’s Warehouse, there’s the same gun I got last year (Ruger Hawkeye Long Distance), also in 6.5 Creed:

…and I think my local Merchant Of Death has it in stock for about the same price.  I have to tell you, I have no problem whatsoever with the Hawkeye — I loved shooting last year’s gun, even in the magnumthumpenblitzenboomer [sic]  .300 Win Mag, and it was as accurate as all hell.

Anyway, that’s the principle of the thing established.  The question remains:  straight copy of the original offer (and wait until the gun gets back into stock), or something slightly different “immediately”?

People who already have stocks of .308 Win ammo, for example, might have a different opinion from whose with 6.5 Creed on hand — or people who might just want to try this new wonder-boolet.   Or, the prospect of that excellent Sako S20 Precision might just be too much to refuse….

I will accept all thoughts, queries and suggestions, as always.  If there’s an overwhelming response for one particular option, then we’ll go with that.  If there’s no real consensus, then I’ll make the decision.  Fair enough?


  1. I’m an FFL and after your post about the theft, I went and checked my distributors and all of them are out of stock on that CZ. Given the shaky standing of imports, you might go with something that is in stock now.

  2. I like wood on my rifles. And I have a bit of .308 on hand, which I ‘know’ is inferior to 6.5 ballistically. Precision isn’t my game, but I do like the CZ. For any use other than benchrest I’d go for the Hawkeye. With the current ammo situation a 6.5 would see a lot of safe time.

    All that said, I’m only in for two. Any of them would be a fine choice.

  3. I’m only in for two, and as I commented after your ‘Disaster’ post, I wouldn’t mind if you got the replacement and hung onto it until after next year’s Boomershoot. Whatever you decide is fine with me.

    1. Ditto word for word. Keep it or the $ for next year or some other shooty goodness. Slight preference for. 308

  4. For a replacement, I’d vote for the Ruger. I’m perfectly happy to wait though. Go with what makes sense to you.

  5. Both the .308 and the 6.5 CM are quite capable for the intended purpose, and I doubt you’d do poorly by choosing either one.
    My biggest concern would be ammunition availability. But just about everything is skosh supply right now – they may be about even; I have ample supplies of both, and loading supplies for the same, so I am not fully up to speed on current prices.
    After that, the 6.5 is probably the more pleasant cartridge to shoot recoil-wise, at least marginally. It also has a slightly flatter trajectory, and holds its energy slightly more efficiently as well. All good arguments in favor of the 6.5 for a boomer round, right?
    Except I remember Joe talking about which rounds -work- better on the boomers, about 10-15 years ago, and I SEEM to recall hearing him say that sub-caliber bullets penetrate too deeply without transferring enough energy quickly enough to reliably detonate the boxes. What is a plus against a deer becomes a minus when dealing with 3″ and 4″ cardboard shells. So an email to Joe regarding what his experience has shown to be the better round for this specific purpose (and with his current formulations for the Boomerite) is probably in order.
    But then, there is your long standing and well known fondness for the 6.5 Swede. If you were able to ignore the hipster aspect of the CM, you could find it an acceptable heir to the .264 / 6.5 geneology.

    1. Having just returned from Boomershoot, Joe’s mixture must have improved. My 6.5-284 had zero issue detonating boomers at the top of the hill. My 6BR was death on boomers at the 375 berm. I didn’t run it “up the hill” to the further ones, but, it should still be holding ~1800 fps at the top.

      Plenty of 6.5 Creedmoor shooters setting boomers off going up the hill.

  6. I’m also in for two, and would be pleased to be winner of any of the proposed prizes. However, I also like the Idea of holding this year’s prize over to next year’s Boomershoot. Consider the possibility of adding to the prize: another long-range rifle and optics kit, or possibly a fine, upscale pistol.

    Any way you choose is fine by me. If I’m still around and Gropin’ Joe hasn’t completely impoverished me, I’ll be buying more tickets for next year.

  7. Nothing at all wrong with the Sako, I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at it.

    That said, I’m a CZ fanboy, and would happily wait for it. CZs tend to be imported in waves, though, so it may be a while before the factory cranks out another batch to be brought over.

    I actually don’t have any .308 or 6.5CM, so I’m screwed on ammo either way.

  8. I have about a thousand rounds of .308 on the shelf but I could go with any of the choices listed even if I would need to add another caliber (6.5) to the inventory. I think that you might consider moving fairly quickly before the idiots in DC decide to ban “sporting rifle” imports, interstate firearm transfers even through FFLs, or the sale of “deadly long range high powered sniper rifles.”

  9. Whatever works best for you. You have enough on your plate so get whatever doesn’t add more stress to your life.

    1. I have no dog in this hunt but I would second this one. Did not buy a ticket this year for reasons. Maybe next year.

  10. Kim, I won’t vote, I’ll leave it to you. I will note, however, the Sakos are a bit more spendy. Given your luck (or rather lack thereof) of late, I’d hate to see you in the hole on this thing. Do you need us to buy more tickets? I’m willing. I’ll check back here for a reply later.

    Quick story on my never winning anything. It’s not completely true. When I was a young 2Lt in the Air Force, I entered a raffle fundraising for a local girl with cancer. I won 6 steak knives.

    Two months later, there was some other raffle I got into, for church, I think. You guessed it. I won another 6 steak knives. Single guy living in the BOQ with a dozen quality steak knives. Useful as a screen door on a submarine. In the rest of my 65 years, I do not remember winning another single thing. What are the odds of that happening? lol

  11. My preference would be .308, based entirely on ammunition stock, which is zero for the 6.5 miracle cartridge. That said, the last time I was at the favorite local store, there were several 6.5’s hanging on the wall and a little bit of ammo in stock. Not so for the .308.
    Another consideration for me is magazines. A proprietary magazine is always a non-starter, given normal price and availability of such things. Mags have to be SR25 or possibly FAL, both of which are compatible with things already in stock. In fact a “top-loader” would be preferable to a proprietary mag gun.
    GunMagWarehouse: “CZ 557 .243 Win, .308 Win 10-Round Magazine $79.99” Yikes!

    Tough choice. Your call.

  12. Well Sir, why not hold the drawing, and then have a chat with the winner?

    1. This is really the best solution. I would prefer the Sako in 308, but my preference shouldn’t have any bearing on which one anyone else wants.

  13. I kinda lean towards the S20 in .308 which I presume is less pricey per round than 6.5 or others for long range precision. Then again, slim chances as they are, waiting for a CZ is not a bad thing either. You da boss on this one.

    Hope the apartment is back in operation. Also, I would kick in a bit for you to get a safe that can be bolted to the garage floor, one with a nice airtight seal (ahead of the next deluge we hope never comes). Should check with the apartment manager on it before drilling though.

  14. Since I already have great affection for Sako rifles the Creedmoor version would make a tingle travel down (or up) my leg. Since I’d be humbled to accept any choice you make, whatever will be, will be, assuming I am fortunate enough to win.

  15. My humble collection of 6.5 ManBun far outnumbers my .308 ammo (half a box).
    But don’t let sway you. I for one, can’t let a few dollars get in the way of superior quality, so I’m down for a few more tickkies if need be.

  16. I bought a couple tickets. My preference would be 6.5, but, I certainly wouldn’t turn down 308.

    I am fine with waiting for next year’s Boomershoot. Heck, if I won, I’d even be there.

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