1. Just to make you feel even worse, Air B’nB and similar rates in Europe are at rock bottom. We’re booked for Italy in October, chose Florence over Milan, but your post got me to check Milan rates. Wow. https://tinyurl.com/hwxse8

    And as for covid restrictions in Italy and Spain, keep in mind the Latin attitude that most laws are no more than a request by an officious and obnoxious government, to be avoided, evaded and denied when one feels like it.

  2. Paris is not what you (or I) remember. It is overrun with filth, decay and crime. My daughter and her husband went there for their honeymoon in late 2019 and left 3 days early on a 10-day trip.

    Split, Croatia is where you wanna be. Every meal a feast, every girl a princess. Cheap beer, cheap hotels, great castles and if you can get out in the country, best boar hunting in Europe. And clean. I’ve been on two driven hunts there and had the time of my life. One of the few places in Europe they don’t perpetually bash Americans.

      1. You can bring your own if you’re willing to work with a Hunt provider up front. They will secure the necessary paperwork on their end. There is one specific form you’ll have to fill out from the US government (I forget the form number), but that’s more for bringing it back to the US than taking it out.

        You can also rent. Both times I went, I was given a courtesy gun to use by the hunt club that was better than the one I owned at the time. Croatians love to hunt and they eat what they kill (you will too!). If the language wasn’t impossible to learn, I’d spend 3-4 months a year there. Ah, who am I kidding, I’d hire a translator and live there full time if my wife would sign on.

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