1. Why is the helicopter best for carrying Italians? Listen to the sound of the rotors: wop – wop – wop …

    I know, I know, tasteless and silly.

    Italy was a fabulous place 3 years ago when I spent a month in and around Rome. We’re going again this year, Florence this time, a cruise out of Civitavecchia, then Rome again. I hope covid doesn’t screw it up. I hope the rumors that all of the major Italian cities have descended even further into grime, graffiti and chaos are wrong.

    1. A flaming Leftist Loonie of my acquaintance said after he returned from Italy, that the amount of graffiti in Naples was incredible, plus the place was run down and filthy. And that was in comparison to Los Angeles, where he lived.

  2. Back in 1968, when I was getting married for the first time, I told her that I was committed to her, but if Sophia Loren called, I was going. She thought on that a bit and said, that’s reasonable as long as I understood that if Yul Brenner called her, she was going.

  3. Try to keep in mind; Olive Garden is not, realistically, in competition with a real Italian restaurant in a real Italian neighborhood. They are in competition with the spaghetti platter at Denny’s. Just as Red Lobster isn’t seriously in competition with Legal Seafood, they’re in competition with McD’s fillet-o-fish sandwich.

    Olive Garden isn’t noticeably worse than the run-of-the-mill Pizza joint that also does baked ziti. Most 0f those are actually pretty bad, and run by non-Italians in any case (in my area, the franchise seems to have been granted to Hispanics).

    I’m not saying OG is GOOD. Just that they are better than what they actually are in competition with.

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