Monday Funnies

Oy vey, it’s Monday:

Just for the hell of it, I proclaim today Jew Day on this here website.  (Don’t panic;  everything has been blessed by the Deth Bin*.)

(My buddy Lev, who is an actual rabbi, tells me that this would be funny were it not so true.)  And in that same vein:

And just for the hell of it:

And one of my personal favorites:

Now get out there and make some money.  Next week:  Italians.

*I know;  shuddup.




  1. This was great! I miss the days when we could all tease each other and have some fun with it and not be offended. I went to a Catholic boys’ high school which was probably 20% black, 20% Hispanic, and the rest a mix of Micks, Pollacks, and Eyetalians.

    98% of the graduates went to college (a majority to the school of their first choice), although some were, not all were from comfortable homes, there was a lot of scholarship help–but the students PRODUCED, there was no mollycoddling. You got help to go there, you damn well better produce. Or you were gone.

    We teased each other mercilessly, laughed, played sports together, and made life long friendships. And Maybe I am remembering through rose colored glasses, but we were too young and were raised in Christian homes, and did not see race. I don’t remember any black student union, or chapter of La Raza. When we helped each other with math or physics, it wasn’t in clumps of balkanized students of our own kind.

    Boy, since the 1970’s racial, ethnic, and religious relations have gone to hell in a handbasket. And the kooks today remember THEN as the bad old days. *rollseyes*

    1. I went to HS in the Mid 1980s and throughout my schooling, we celebrated diversity similar to what you describe. Very rarely was there any religious, ethnic or racial strife. If there was, the offender was educated very quickly.

      Today, everyone is perpetually outraged and offended. It’s an overload of hysteria.


  2. More IDF babes, please. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a good looking, well-armed woman in olive drab.

  3. A variation from a stand up comic years ago:
    “My mom is Jewish and Dad is Catholic. You want to talk about guilt trips?”

    Another vote for IDF girls as a regular feature!

    1. Then there’s the old joke about the guy who’s half-Jewish, half-Catholic. He goes to confession and says, “ Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I believe you know Mr. Cohen?”

  4. Here’s a bit of self-deprecating humor … from an honest-to-goodness member of The Tribe (I’m Levi, to be precise).

    Q: What’s a Jewish Mother’s greatest dilemma ?
    A: She has a gay son who is dating a doctor !!

    Kim, two more Jewish holidays this week … Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut .. Israeli Rememberance Day (similar to American Memorial Day) and Israeli Independence Day.

    Best …

    1. Oh, and Kim, .. the belated Chag Pesach S’meach is gladly and happily accepted.

  5. Look at the pics of the IDF women, then remember: these are going to be Jewish Mothers some day. Bless them all!

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