News Roundup

…and then there’s this kind of news:

which is when the Border Patrol should have started shooting, “to protect the senators’ lives”.

can’t see why she’s upset; it saves her having to move twice, when President Braindead is tossed out of the WH.

which in the case of classical music, is clearly true.

And still on the theme of “Campus Foolishness”:

which is fine — just as long as the total cost of reparations is added to their student loans.

somebody please tell me this is an April Fool’s Day joke.

and if you thought the Eyeties were being overrun by Arab and African refugees before

cue sad violin music:

no doubt just the latest in a whole series of kitchen screwups which finally caused him to snap.

hamster, meet Mr. Garbage Disposal.

just the latest in our “Extreme Self-Delusion” series.

Now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:

Okay, I admit that this particular pic wasn’t in the actual photo shoot, but whatever.


  1. Why is Kamala Harris living out of a suitcase? Did she sell her million dollar house in Church Falls that she bought back in 2017 when she became a congresswoman?

    1. In a just world, she’d be living out of a suitcase in the streets of L.A., but here we are.

      1. In a just world, she’d be standing in the middle of those “Whatever you do, We’re coming” guys when the two Apaches rise from the horizon and proceed to puree the lot of them.*

        *benefits of a classic 80s action movie background. >:-]

  2. Brown students apparently don’t know that you don’t need to vote to give away your own money. You just do it.

  3. Harris is probably turning the VP house at the Naval Observatory into a black and gray piece of modern drab, just like the clothes she wears. FWIW, foreign heads of state from Elizabeth II on down have stayed at the Blair House for generations, and Harry Truman lived there for four years, so it can’t be too shabby.
    I think she’s just a spoiled bitch of limited intellect who is used to having her way, and pouts when she doesn’t get it right now. She thinks public service means the public dotes on her.

  4. Re: Coyotes “we’re coming”

    Any senator responding with “that’s what Su Madre said!” would have a lock on my vote for president.

  5. It would get everyone’s attention if Elle Fanning reminisced about getting help with her first training bra from Harvey Weinstein or President cue cards.

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