1. There was a Bear Grylls episode with a Battle of the Sexes theme. Men on one island, women on another. One guess which group did a better job at surviving.

    If all men disappeared, civilization would collapse within a fortnight and the species would go extinct. If all women disappeared, we’d re-create them within 10 years.

  2. What about pass the Army Combat Fitness Test?

    Male soldiers pass it at a 90% rate. Pass rate for female soldiers is below 50%.

    1. And that’s with a much lower, separate standard for the women.
      For the current Army Physical Fitness Test,
      Male soldiers between 17 and 21 years old must complete 71 pushups within two minutes, run two miles in 13 minutes, and complete 78 situps to get perfect scores.
      Female soldiers between 17 and 21 years old must complete 42 pushups within two minutes, run two miles in 15:36 minutes, and complete 78 situps to get perfect scores.

      The Army is now eliminating the minimum one leg tuck requirement as part of their PT test.
      A leg tuck requires that soldiers hang from a bar and pull their knees up near their shoulders. It became clear that many troops, particularly women, were unable to do it. [emphasis mine]

      I spent a lot of time at VMI back when they first admitted women, and I saw the male cadets carry women across the finish line to complete field training exercise competitions between platoons.

      Maybe equal under the law, but that’s where it ends, but the feminazis won’t admit it.

    2. ah, but that’s because the test is rigged to make women look bad.
      The passing requirements should be such that there is equity in men and women passing.

      Was signed, your friendly equal opportunities department.

  3. Did Joe remember to check with Barack before he ceded Barack’s 3rd term to Vice President Kneepads. ???

    1. I suspect Buraq The Black Jesus wrote the cribsheet for that remark. Or more likely Moochelle made Buraq write it.

  4. In Robert Heinlein’s book. “Expanded Universe”, while telling a story he remembers from his childhood in Missouri, he says that no record can be found of a woman risking her life for strangers.
    I can add that for men, examples are too frequent to mention.

    As I recall from the old website, the Missus, aka Tech Support, once wrote that men build societies and women civilize them, and they are doing a poor job of it lately.
    Is there any reason to expect better results from any of the women who hold high office in our national government today?

  5. 1. Women in the West only have rights because good MEN guarantee them.
    2. How about pissing over an electric fence Joe?

  6. Really Joe? The vast majority of men can impregnate a woman. I can’t think of a single actual woman who could accomplish that feat. Unless of course one stretches the definition of woman beyond biological usefulness.

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