I forget where I got this (sorry), but SOTI I saw this, as the mindset of the Deep Swamp towards us conservatives:

“We don’t like things as they are, and so we’ll make it really, really expensive for certain people to enforce their rights. We’ll make them fight every day for what should be rightly theirs for free. We’ll take away their birthright. We’ll screw with their businesses and screw with their wombs and screw with their assumptions about what the courts have guaranteed them, and some of them will give up, and some of them will make mistakes, and we’ll just make sure they have many bad days, and eventually they’ll get tired of fighting with us and we’ll get a team of brutal lawyers to take them down and put them in their place.”

At American Greatness, Max Martin has this rather withering comment to make:

At this moment [conservatives] are the weaker side in this asymmetric struggle. Right now, we are 80 million couch potatoes and keyboard warriors with rifles in our bedroom closets. This is not a force to be reckoned with.

Read the article to get the argument that leads him to that depressing conclusion.  Not part of his analysis, by the way, is that a large number of the so-called 80 million are a bunch of old bastards like myself, who have neither the health, energy nor will to do all the stuff he suggests we do to avoid being buried by the liberal ruling elite.

So what’s left?  DO we just resign ourselves to the fact that at some point, if we refuse to give in to the feral [sic] government, its rules, regulations and apparatchiks, we should just wait in our homes for the sturmtruppen  and Stasi to come for us, and then surrender meekly to be led off to Room 101?  Or, for those of us who have nothing to lose, resist with violence rather than just resign ourselves to our fate?

Let’s face it:  if the American Revolution was actively pursued and fought (by some estimates) by only 13% of the then-population of the soon-to-be United States, that means that the other 87% were either British loyalists or the 18th-century equivalent of couch potatoes.  That being the case, who is going to form the 13% of conservatives (10 million?  we should be so lucky) who would actively form the resistance against the fucking establishment?

Here’s the late Joseph Sobran on the topic:

“By today’s standards King George III was a very mild tyrant indeed. He taxed his American colonists at a rate of only pennies per annum. His actual impact on their personal lives was trivial. He had arbitrary power over them in law and in principle but in fact it was seldom exercised. If you compare his rule with that of today’s U.S. Government you have to wonder why we celebrate our independence…”

And if I may be so bold:  what’s facing us, as the de facto  survivors and supporters of the principles that formed our republic, is a far more formidable foe than George III.

  • They aren’t thousands of miles away over the ocean, with no communication other than written letters and ship-borne transmission.  They are right here, and their military force, communications and even media support are far, far greater than anything the British king had at his disposal.
  • Whereas George III and the British population may have had a relatively benign attitude towards those pesky columnists, our modern-day opponents actively hate us and think we should be exterminated — whether by shunning (of our voices and our access to communication), or in some extreme examples, killed.  (Lest I’m accused of being overwrought on this issue, let us remind ourselves that nobody dreamed that the oh-so civilized Germans, with their cultural history of Goethe and Schiller, would be capable of mass murder and genocide — except that they were.)
  • The Revolutionary army of 1776 was well armed for the time.  We have a few thousand committed riflemen, to be pitted against a modern army.  We can’t even drink beer when threatened by Meal Team Six, let alone withstand a sustained assault against our lives by a federal army such as FBI SWAT teams, DHS ditto, or even IRS agents.  They can concentrate their forces against us;  we can’t do the same against them.
  • Forget that shit about the U.S. Armed Forces being composed of supportive conservative warriors.  They aren’t any more, at least at the officer level.  If the government decided to use them against us, they will.  They’ve walked all over the Constitution in terms of our freedom of speech and they continue to do so on our right to bear arms;  so if you think a little thing like Posse Comitatus  is going to stand in their way, I have a New York bridge to sell you.
  • Most importantly of all:  we have no leaders.  Even if we did, the modern state can dispose of them with absolute ease and little fear of retribution:  our equivalent of John Hancock, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington wouldn’t last a day without being muzzled, arrested and imprisoned under the various anti-terrorism laws.

I wish I had something more upbeat to say about all this, but the reality is that I’m in the grip of a profound sense of gloomy foreboding.

Feel free to add your thoughts in Comments.  And if you’re afraid to be candid because of the possible consequences… then that is precisely what I’m talking about.


  1. It seems to me that the Founding Fathers were men of wealth, privilege, education, and entrepreneurship. They are the equivalent of today’s ivy league educated tech titans.

    That the Founders were so inclined to individual freedom and liberty for all is quite a miracle.

    1. The farmers and tradesmen of Massachusetts, who were the originators of the Revolution, were by no means wealthy or privileged. Men like Sam Adams, who was the original intellectual leader of the freedom movement (such that some call him the American Lenin), Paul Revere, and Isaac Davis, were all working men who had varying levels of success in business. Adams is a most interesting case, a man who was continually inept at business but was a political genius.

    2. Not really. The American War for Independence was a jurisdictional dispute between the British Parliment and the Colonial legislatures. The Founding Fathers were members of those legislatures…and were NOT going to let a bunch of Englishmen on the other side of the ocean trespass on their authority.

  2. Take all your faults, multiply by two… and you have what’s going on, on their side.

    Every imported vibrant on their side is an ethnic racist using political correctness to attack Whitey. Most of them are low IQ human trash that are in it for the gibs. And… good grief – their women! They are literally sluts like your Vice President. Or they are sexually disturbed lesbians or even men in dresses. Outside of that are the hairy chested feminists, the single parent baby mommas… with all the special interest victim groups vying for power over there… it’s going to be Mutiny on the Bounty any day now. Hell, they already live in terror, hiding behind tanks and barb wire in DC because – at any second – some bemused drunken insurgent might decide to rebel and sit in Nancy Pelosi’s office and ham for the cameras. Finally, their leader is a geriatric pedo who can’t handle stairs.

    You can’t run a country like that. One way or another, those guys are on their way out. You can sit on your hands and they will literally cut their own throats. In a conflict, These idiots couldn’t stand up to the king of 18th century England. The US military is drumming out the fighting patriot warriors, and replacing them with frumpy old cat ladies, homosexuals, and obese girls that need men to do all the actual work.

    Every two bit fart sucker in the world is laughing at those guys, from the apes in Iran to that stupid little fat kid with the bad haircut in North Korea. If you lose to guys like that… you kinda deserve what you have coming…

  3. “At this moment [conservatives] are the weaker side in this asymmetric struggle. Right now, we are 80 million couch potatoes and keyboard warriors with rifles in our bedroom closets. This is not a force to be reckoned with.”

    It’s worse, it’s 80 million couch potatoes and keyboard warriors who trust each other less than they trust the authorities and are thus utterly incapable and unwilling to work together in any meaningful way.
    They’d rather lay low “and wait for the right moment” than assist their neighbour when he gets raided by SWAT in a midnight no-knock Waco style raid.

    1. This.

      It may well be true that eventually the perversion and decay of the commies will lead to their collapse, but they’ll drag the rest of us down with them.

  4. You paint a bleak picture but it is based on fact. I have no love for socialists that masqurade as Democrats. I have no love for Republicans or so called Conservatives that forget about what the movement stands for the moment they gain power.

    Republicans/Conservatives are supposed to be for individual liberties and smaller government. For years I have heard them harp on getting rid of governmental agencies, increasing our individual liberties, and controlling spending. Nothing could be further from the truth. They enact the Patriot Act (which is anything but), increase the size of government, and do nothing to tame the beaurocratic nightmare that is our government.

    Until there is a leader that can stand up to the institutional bullshit that is Congress and our government at large…we are screwed.


    It’s not that bad. Bad, but not that bad. The older we get the more pessimistic we get and the fewer really young people we meet.

    Apparently the generation behind the one behind us boomers seems to have rejected socialism, having a record level of business start ups.

    I’m too old to fight, except maybe as a sniper, though my eyes and coordination worsen every day, so I’ll just have to watch, propagandize and undermine what I can when I can.

  6. Most importantly of all: we have no leaders.

    Well, we probably do, but they haven’t yet realized who they are.

  7. The unpleasant conclusion I’ve come over the past few months – the revolution / civil war won’t kick-off before an economic crash worse than 1929. The Harris Administration seems to be doing everything possible to destroy the American economy and within a few years she will succeed. When the dollar becomes worthless and people are literally starving – then the shooting will start.

  8. Thank you for the list of winning points!

    Each point is a deplorables position of strength:
    * no leader — nobody to order masses of cannon-fodder to frontal-assault fixed positions in absurd BattlesOfAttrition

    * couch-potatoes — each individual has a breaking point… and will be an unknowable/unpredictable/unstoppable one-person militia… then fades back to the couch, unfindable

    * closeted firearms — why use them to draw attention if a few caltrops kill mobility, the equivalent of a few potatoes shoved up vehicle exhausts kill mobility, a handful of sand in a fuel-tank or oil-filler or helicopter tranny can kill mobility (no JBT wants to walk back to the FusionCenter in uniform at night through hostile turf)

    * the JBT/snitches live here — ‘the better to see you with, my dear’ goes two ways

    As viewed from TheRulingElites scream-fest, each deplorables ‘weakness’ is a TheRulingElites blind-spot.

    Why are TheRulingElites so absolutely thoroughly terrorfied of us deplorables, so scared they have to fix every election, own every MainStreamMedia, censor every voice of opposition?
    Intuitively, at a primal level, their collective lizard-brain screams in fear “we have zero-zero-zero moral/legal/ethical/evolutionary standing, we are floating far from shore, we are losing, we have to constantly attack or we will collapse from inertia, and and and…”.
    “We are cripples out on the edge of the BOLSHEVICS herd, the deplorable lions are circling, the future is uncertain…”

    Those paralyzing fears are on top of their knowing:
    * every time we tried this, we fail
    * every time we attempted this, we were perverted by the worst corrupt core of an inherently corrupt gang of thugs
    * the corruptest of thugs always always always eliminates the next corrupt, and then, the next corrupt until! nobody! survives! ever! we are doomed! if we succeed! but we never succeed enough because we always fail because we are never good enough so we have to try harder to please people so they like us but we are never good enough because we always fail and and and…
    Their innate distrust of everybody else in their circular firing always kills TheGloriousPlan.
    Almost as if TheGloriousPlan is engineered to fail.

    Extrapolated from every other attempt at TheGloriousPlan:
    * they fail as if their ‘failure’ is their goal.

    I honestly truly believe TheRulingElites and BOLCHEVICS and the welfare ‘eaters’ are designed to collapse from their relying on a spokes-model.
    Their adherence to CentralPlanning inevitably causes their collapse.
    Each instance of TheGloriousPlan failed and will fail.
    Failure is automatically built-in to every attempt to collectivize individuals.

    Us deplorables do not need to do anything to lubricate the collapse of TheRulingElites.
    Their attempts at existence prove they cannot prevail.

    By disregarding history, they prove their incompetence.
    Give them room, they will fail again.

    On a personal note:
    * I want to express my appreciation to Splendid Isolation as a place for us deplorables to engage as a forum instead of merely another blog.

    For years, ,Rawles SurvivalBlog were a source of community knowledge, but a couple-three weeks ago, they quit the forum business to return to just another list of links.
    Splendid Isolation offers me an opportunity to share my decades of experience while learning from your (all you various ‘your’s out there) decades of experience.

    A list of links is nice, but I am pretty sure I sometimes need an occasional not-nice for balance.

    If I was in the recommendation business, I would recommend the BigCountryExPatOriginal blog.
    Big keeps trying to rein-in us deplorables to a manageable level, but that probably is not happening anytime soon.
    BigCountryExPatOriginal is a wild weird forum of us deplorables, an excellent example of all the reasons bezos/zuck/gates/BOLCHEVICS and every other CentralPlanning SocialPlanner is laughably irrelevant.

  9. perhaps I shouldn’t mention this, but every American I know who is still proud to stand for the Pledge and sings the National Anthem is now looking for a country to move his family to for the duration; the old farts are sitting here, complaining and waiting to get hauled off to the glue factory

  10. It’s all going to have to boil down to a Doctrine of Individual Actions.

    Signifying, that as all electronic comms ARE compromised, there can be no organizing, planning, assembling, training or other of the traditional means of preparation and campaigning.

    So instead, an INDIVIDUAL will have to summon the resolve of will, the focus of self-contained study, training, planning and 3am execution, followed by a careful and stealthy Return to Base, to be followed by SHUTTING THE HELL UP, and not bragging about nor taking credit for a single damn thing he/she might’ve done. Regardless of how important, impressive or ‘splodey.

    Now, replicate this among 10,000 active resisters coast to coast. 100,000 if we’re well and truly blessed. This is some “fucks shit up” at a pretty impressive level. Simple as sand in a gas tank, or as shattering as taking out a city’s main infrastructure lifeline in one form or another.

    No central Command & Control. No “coordinating” with “Superior”. Yeah, some operations will end up being counter-productive vs. other operations. That’ll be the price paid for absolute firewalled non-communicative independent Armies of One. And it also solves the “who do you trust” query. Absolutely Nobody. (except maybe your spouse)

    Given enough .gov chaos being brought into effect, the odds will be that the more effective “activists” in a given locale will suss out who is who, and may thus bridge the matter of trust. But trust will have to be proven in a mafia style “made man” manner of being. Only hands stained by blasting substances, gunpowder and blood will prove worthy of the shaking of hands. Provocateurs who merely “urge action” while never venturing out to themselves ACT, will be bypassed, set aside or NOT TRUSTED in the whole.

    Some of you better .mil thinkers and writers will need to expand on this, I think. But the Doctrine of Individual Action will BE our only trustable and feasible way to effectively begin the fight out of the electronic cage in which we’re already becoming trapped.

    That’s my $0.02 opinion, anyway.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  11. We Americans have the unfortunate custom of waiting until a situation is within a blonde one of unsalvageable before we act. Then, often, we overdo the reaction.

    Personally, I’m sort of looking forward to a forest of impaled leftists, courtesy of some guy channeling Vlad Tepes.

  12. The colonist did not have a single leader before the war, they had a variety of voices from complete independence to staying in the empire but being represented. The roles were filled as needed once the commitment for independence was made.

    If you look at much of the revolutionary movements in the last century, they didn’t fight divisions, they killed officers and NCO’s from ambush. They shot mayors and police chiefs. They disrupted commerce and infrastructure. They bombed banks and city halls. They kidnapped the local opposition leaders and after a “people’s trial”, executed them. They fought the long war gaining momentum over time.

    It won’t be the 2nd Civil War with major battles between organized army corps. It will be longer, uglier and more savage that we could ever imagine

  13. Yes, Kim, all of that. It seems bad.

    But it’s not as bad as it seems. The military will put a gloss of “woke” on their ranks – but it’s still OUR young men and women in there. I’ve had three – one still in – in the Marines. They – and their mates – they’re not woke at all. And all the death by power point won’t make it so. They’ll mumble the right magic words, but they’ll still be who they are. When the defecation strikes the oscillator, they’re unlikely to line up with the woke brigade.

    And remember: Twitter is NOT THE REAL WORLD. It has little connection to the real world. The vast majority of Americans have never posted a single tweet. As has been noted, razorwire and troops in Washington is hardly indicative of confidence.

    And the economic downturn is coming – I noted an article earlier today that claimed that the US simply does not have the productive capacity to support the “incentive” just passed. If that’s so, we’re headed to a significant inflationary phase. Stagflation is on its way, again (remember the Carter years?). That will not bode well for the Socialists now in power.

    In the meantime, like you, I’m gonna plug my trusty Strat-shaped object (or the Les Paul, or the Gretsch) into a Fender blues deluxe with some tasty overdrive, delay, and verb, and enjoy. If it ain’t got tubes, it don’t count. Sadly, my Mesa has bit the dust. I may have to see if I can find a nice new Marshall to take its place. I’d send you a picture, but I the blog won’t let me post those. I’ll e-mail it.

    1. Twitter-world is not real, it is a construct populated by media weenies and assorted self-loving “intellectuals”. When the real world descends upon them, they will turn to mush.

  14. For those of you that may be military or vets, I would appreciate commentary about what is going on with the purge.

  15. Screw welding the gates closed. If I was still the Guard and my people were being forced to eat poisoned/adulterated food and sleep in a frozen underground parking lot, I’d be passing out bottles of crazy glue every time my troops went out the door to pull guard duty.
    Their secondary mission would be to squirt a shot of the glue into every lock they could without being caught…

  16. The biggest problem is that there are so damned many people who are willing to give up. I’m sick of the hand-wringing. Tom Paine had it right – THESE are the times that try men’s souls.

    We win…but only if we fight.

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