News Roundup

With very pithy commenth.

which explains everything you ever wondered about jazz.

I have an alibi.

an argument for buying wine in 5-gallon boxes, I’d say.

I get that you’re pissed off at the lockdown, but bombing a Chinkvirus testing center is going to solve the issue… how, exactly?

you’d think the Irish, after all these centuries, would have figured out by now that the expression “perfidious Albion” was not meant to be taken as a joke, but as a warning.

Wait, that must be a misprint.  Oh, here we go:

..ah, that’s better.

it’s happening here in Texas, and also in other states.  Not holding my breath about California and New York, though.

clearly they’re not interested in learning from the Great Texas Freeze Of 2021, because as any fule kno, it never gets cold around Britishland so all their little propellers will spin forever and ever amen.

she’s just getting us all ready for when President Braindead eventually takes the stand himself.

let’s take this concept and implement it in numerical order.  Start off with a background check for all book- and movie sales (First Amendment), and only then apply it to guns (Second Amendment).  Fuckers.  And on the same thread:

The Evil 200
and no, that’s not a NASCAR race.  Feel free to do whatever you want with this information.

Finally, on to a more pleasant topic, sorta:

it’s just a nice way of saying that her love tunnel has seen more traffic than the Lincoln Tunnel.

And speaking of well-worn thoroughfares:

sounds about right, although he left out “town mattress”.



  1. The expansion of the background check is a red herring.
    The plan really hasn’t changed much since, I believe, several decades ago, Patrick Moynihan suggested that to ‘get around’ the 2nd Ammendment, all that needed to be done was
    TAX AMMUNITION by an outrageous amount – ie $5 or $10 / round !!!!!.
    We just have a simplified version of that which is going on now –
    Threaten ammo manufacturers with loss of manufacturing license – they will still be able to produce and sell guaranteed amounts to the gov’t but you and I are OUT – if production is not, um let’s see, um, reduced , no too obvious, um stopped, no no no, slowed because of raw material shortages, yeah, that’s the ticket. And NO NEW manufacturing licenses to be issued.
    Eventually, the knuckle draggers will run out or ammo or have so little left that they are no longer any kind of threat !
    Sound familiar ?

  2. I don’t quite get abuse of prescription painkillers. I have done some after surgery etc but while it does kill the pain, I get absolutely no high out of it. I guess if I had serious long lasting pain I could see an accidental addiction but that doesn’t seem to be what is going on.

    1. Susceptibility to addiction is an individual matter, a weakness in some people’s psychology. For those who have it, the addictive substance matters little – either you learn to resist addiction, or you can get addicted to almost anything, including Twitter or low-alcohol beer. For those without this susceptibility, the worst that can happen is physical dependence, and that is easily overcome when you make up your mind to overcome it.

  3. Gerdildo is so amusing, I might keep him. But mercy hire Juan Williams is the real cunt.

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