News Roundup (Out-Of-Date Version)

Just in case you missed it earlier.

good grief:  is there anything statins can’t do?  Finally, a drug I’ve been taking for years may actually be worth the money.  Although next week we’ll find that statins probably cause hemorrhagic fever, or something.

oooh, no wonder she’s been called a “wild child”, the feisty lil’ thang.  I think I did all that, and more, before I turned 17 — unless, that is, she did all that before she was 14, in which case, I salute her.

just your everyday over-achiever.  Key word:  Leeds.

finally, some ACTUAL good news.

uuuhhhh, sweetie, when you hang around with a guy who looks like this, I think you can expect at least some behavior that’s a little off the beaten path:

given the cost of Woody The Wonder Drug, it would be cheaper just to buy a fresh bunch of flowers.

you have to know how low the Beeb has sunk when the Chinks can call them out.

yeah, if it’s total indifference you’re seeking from your partner in a sexual experience, stay at home.

wherein we finally learn the Scandi spelling for “homeboy”.  (HBC, as always, looks like a bag lady).

not to be too cynical or anything, but wouldn’t his post-murder treatment of her body be somewhat irrelevant at this point?  Anyway, look on the bright side:  he could have called her a “dirty nigger”, in which case he’d now be in serious trouble.

and I’m sure the UK’s NHS is just waiting to give him the free surgery he needs, just as soon as they’ve discharged the very last Chinkvirus patient, in 2045.

which would be nice, if there was anything there we actually wanted to see.

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