Return To Normality, Sorta

The extended-stay hotel has restored its wifi connection, at least temporarily, so I’m more or less back in business.

However, there are over 1,700(!) emails sitting in my Inbox waiting for my attention, and today New Wife and I have to go back to the apartment to pack and move stuff into the garage so that the complex can start the laborious process of drying the place out, replacing carpets and fixing drywall.

It’s gonna take a little while before blogging resumes its customary volume, in other words.

Most alarming to me has been the realization that all my precious books may have been ruined by the humidity.  I’ll find out the truth when I get back there later this morning.


And one more time, with feeling:  words cannot express our gratitude for your wonderful generosity.  I hope nobody minds that when all the dust has settled, bills paid and my life is restored, that some tiny part of your contributions (if any remain) might go towards buying a few books.


  1. I hope you find your books in good shape. But if you don’t, I have had good luck replacing them through Some were used and many were as new right off the remainder table. Good luck with your salvage operation.

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