Gratuitous Gun Pic: Mauser 98 Sporter (8x57mm)

It seems like forever since I last did a piece bordering on idolatry about Mauser rifles, so here we go.

This one’s a pre-WWII ’98 Sporter in 8x57mm, and can be had at Collector’s for an obscene amount of money.  Why “obscene”?  Allow me to explain.

When I arrived in the U.S. after the Great Wetback Episode Of ’86, I was of course gun-less, having had to leave them all back in the old Racist Republic.

It took me few months before I managed to get my first gun Over Here, and it was identical to the one above except that mine had a single trigger and was, as the saying goes, very well-used.  It was also quite accurate (especially as this was thirty-odd years ago, back when I still had young eyes and could use iron sights).

The seller was a work colleague — a bit of a dick, actually — who was based in South Carolina, and when on a business trip there I went over to his house for dinner and to flirt with his very pretty wife, he took me into his workshop and showed this wondrous thing to me, whereupon I was overcome with gun lust and made him an offer.  He counter-offered, and we settled on $150.

Now the problem came about getting the thing back to Chicago.

Because I was stupid and knew nothing, I simply popped the thing into my garment bag, and when I got to the airport, checked the bag and was asked to fold it in two, I replied that I couldn’t because there was a camera tripod inside which was already folded up to its fullest extent.  The airline check-in clerk just shrugged, found me a large cardboard box and taped it shut before sending it on its way.

Those were the good old days.  Imagine trying to do that now.

Of course, I only found out a few days later that to own a gun legally, I had to have an Illinois Firearm Owner ID (FOID).  This I learned when I went to Ye Olde Gunne Shoppe to buy ammo.  Oops.  That’s me:  Oblivious Kim, breaking a stupid law again.

Anyway, I held onto the rifle for years, eventually selling it only in a time of great financial duress — I believe it was the very last gun I sold, back then — and I have to tell you, I still feel the wrench.

By the way:  the guy’s wife and I had a bit of a fling not long after, so I got him for a twofer:  his rifle and his wife, both very enjoyable to play with.


  1. Looks very much like one I almost bought from a friend while visiting them in Georgia, only that one was 7×57. He was taking it to a gun show to sell.

    Had I not had to fly by to NJ with it I’d have bought it on the spot.

  2. You can sleep with another guy’s wife OR buy a firearm from him, but both?
    That must be a violation of Man Law.

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