Glueball Wormening

This week in Plano:

…but normal service resumes later next week:

I was going to take New Wife on a little car trip over the weekend up into the Ozarks as she has Monday off, but I don’t live in Chicago anymore so my blood has thinned.  Yeah, I’m a big pussy.

We’ll stay indoors, wrap up / stay in bed, hope that the ice storms don’t cause any power outages, and trust that I don’t end up looking this:



  1. Ha! 19 degrees, wind chill of 12 here right now. My girls have been getting up early and going for a two mile walk every morning. Temps in the morning this week have been single digits with negative wind chill. They finally asked me to buy them some arctic gear.

  2. Glad I don’t live in North Texas DFW area anymore, moved to the Texas Hill Country eight years ago and we do get a few low 20’s temps each year but don’t stay below freezing during the day, had a good 3/4 inches of snow six years ago that stayed on the ground until almost 11:am.

    Now as far as driving in the DFW area when the roads start to freeze up and about half the drivers don’t have much tread on their tires and no idea how to drive on ice and furthermore no insurance since snow, ice and insurance were not part of their culture when they lived south of Texas. When the roads freeze it Texas it is best to stay home until the sun comes out and bridges warm up.

  3. This is our second winter here in the Poconos and we’ve yet to see sub-zero temperatures (still air, not counting wind-chill), so it’s been warm. I’m told we generally get a string of double-digit-below-zero-F days in February or early March, again that’s not counting wind-chill. We’ve seen double-digit-below wind chills already this winter.

    Last week we got two feet of snow dumped on us, and I’ve awoken to a fresh coating most mornings since then.

    There are trade-offs, while the summer is hot during the day, it cools down at night, so last summer we only needed the a/c a couple times at night. And last Fall the colors were gorgeous.

  4. Fuck Me! I had no idea. We’ve been chilly here for a month, but now back to normal. Had a first Chink virus shot today – too young, but comorbidities?? Will give info if anybody cares.

    1. I had my 2nd Kung Foo Flue shot on Tuesday and I experienced a bit of discomfort so I took it easy and laid down and read a book. My arm kind of bothered me and kept me awake so I read until 6:30 am the next morning. Then I started wondering if the plural of Mongoose is Mongeese so I sent a text to my three kids and their spouses about that, just to update them on how I was feeling, over the day I moved on to Meerkats at one time and ended up with Honey-badgers and by that time it was evening and I slept for about ten hours, just getting up a few times, and by the next morning I was no longer thinking about small, smelly, funny mammals so there’s that. Good Luck with you shots.

  5. The weather guessers are predicting a high of 12 and low of -2 in OKC on Sunday. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be out and about even though I’ve got some good cold weather gear from the days when I hunted deer in the Michigan UP. If I do venture out I’ll bet that I’ll see some college age fool in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops because “that’s what I always wear on Sunday”. Hopefully he’ll freeze his manly parts off and won’t pass on his idiot genes.

  6. Ha, that’s so cute: “very cold” at 32-38 F. The forecast for N. IL area today is highs of 11-15 & wind chills of 0 to -10. Around here that’s described as “February”.

    1. We’ll talk again in August when people in Illinois are complaining about those sweltering 90-degree days…

  7. We’ve been suffering through low to mid 80s here at the Old Folks Home lately. Just sayin’.

  8. It got to -20C a wee bit inland from here. Only about -4 to -10C here thanks to being on the coast, and only 4 inches of snow.

  9. I had to wait until 3:30 this afternoon to take the dog out for a run.

    That’s when it hit double digits (f). Barely (11).

    The run wasn’t as bad as I afeared, (afeer’d?), but my beard bore a passing resemblance to Osama’s girlfriend up there.

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