Do not, under any circumstances, watch the movie Marauders  on Netflix.  Barely three weeks into 2021, we already have a hot favorite for Totally Shit Movie Of The Year.

An unbelievable premise, a terrible plot with more holes than ten golf resorts combined, a mailed-in performance by Bruce Willis, and because the main storyline is so weak, half a dozen sub-plots of absolutely no relevance are added to pad the thing out — all made even worse by editing that wouldn’t have passed a high school film class exam, and lighting that looks as though the movie was shot during a California brownout.  And when the thing finally ends, there are more loose ends than on the back side of a pre-schooler’s sewing assignment.

Some movies are so bad they are fun to watch.  This is not one of those.  Absolutely every single person involved with the making of this movie needs to be flogged, right down to the guy who washed the dishes in the studio cafeteria during filming.

Kim’s Rating:  not only zero stars, but a black hole.


  1. I’ve discovered a cinematic truth: when a movie’s female cast is comprised of supermodels, it Will. Be. Horrible. Ava, on netflix. I figured that with John Malkovich, it couldn’t suck too hard. I was wrong. Horrendously, spectacularly wrong.

    1. All true. However, I have to admit I don’t choose those movies for the quality of the acting or the strength of the plots.

  2. I cancelled my netflix membership when they aired that child abuse / child porn disaster last year.

    I will not support child abusers….And every time they ask me to come back (despite ‘unsubscribing’, so they are in violation of another federal law), I remind them.

  3. Bruce Willis has made some awful movies. I will have to look to see another one to warn the group about.
    I did like the Die Hard movies though, at least the first one.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll take your advice. If anyone wants to prove your point, I’d suggest they watch Marauders AND Survive the Night. From my perspective, Survive the Night is the worst movie of the 21st century.

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