News Roundup

Here we go:

oh, so now they want revenge for Auschwitz?  When Biden promised a return to normalcy, I just knew we’d get it.

where’s Cesar Chavez when we need him?


I suppose this means I’m going to have to carry four spare mags now.

quit that laughter will ya?  She should  could have been killed.

because those sky-high European taxes are sacrosanct, as we will see when the Biden administration imposes them on the U.S. middle class.

year unspecified.

first time I’ve actually smiled since the fraudulent inauguration.  One down, nine to go.

this might have pissed off conservatives, had any been actually watching the inauguration. (no link because no need)

the latest in our “Guess The Attackers’ Race” game.  (Spoiler:  flight was from Detroit to Atlanta.)

this will go down in history as the beginning of the Geritol Revolution.

and it didn’t even happen in Florida.

And speaking of insanity:

because mirrors are well-known for storing images, of course.  Of greater concern is that she probably votes in elections.

Here’s a woman in front of a mirror.


  1. I realize the Student Loan headline and quip were sarcastic, but it’s no longer just a plan:
    “COVID Emergency Relief Flexibilities Extended At Least Through Sept. 30, 2021”
    (From the Federal Student Aid website)
    When they say “flexibilities,” they mean you don’t have to make any payments on principal or interest if you don’t want to.
    I doubt that those who have large outstanding student loans are voluntarily paying them back right during this period.
    Note: this “flexibility” plan has been in effect since April 2020.

  2. More “news”

    “Schools and governments across the nation have reportedly seen training like these in the wake of Floyd’s death last year. Fox News reported earlier this week on how one of Biden’s education nominees hosted a training with a speaker who claimed schools “spirit murder” Black children.”

    Seriously, sometimes it seems I’m in a parallel universe

  3. re:
    antiFa demands

    If antiFa possessed a shred of decency, they would go to china to mostly peacefully protest the re-education ‘facilities’ for muslims and Uyghurs and all the other ‘dis-possessed’ minorities.

  4. “U.S. Chamber to Joe Biden: You Can Help Americans by Importing Foreign Workers.”

    Remember that phrase we all hated in Math class?

    “Show your work” because I fail to see how importing ANY foreign workers willing to accept substandard pay will help the American unemployed.

      1. Oh. Of course. So they can write poetry, learn to code, etc.

        And judging from the activities in Portland, Seattle and now Bellingham, it appears Dr. Frankenstein has lost control of his creation.

  5. Now that their usefulness is spent, ANTIFA/BLM can expect their own Night of the Long Knives.

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