1. I nearly did what was in that first pic.

    After a huge storm rolled through, I had a moderate sized limb down, leaning on my roof and another blocking the sidewalk. My pullin’ pro chainsaw wouldn’t start, of course. And my electric one had a busted chain. So I was out with my axe, clearing things. Some nob pulled up and cracked a joke, and I nearly sunk the ax in his hood. “Hey, that’s funny! You know what else is funny? SMACK!”

    I love the vintage pics. Pointy tits must have been the thing back then.

  2. Love the two chicks on the scooter, but someone forgot to plug in the fan for the windblown hair effect.

    1. You’re right. If the scooter were running, there’d have been a large plume of blue smoke coming out the back.

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