Simple Solution

Apparently, some woman has woken up to the world we live in:

A TIKTOK user has shared footage of a bizarre message she found written on the snow on top of her trash cans. The woman, named Jade and believed to live in the US, found the writing as she went to take her rubbish out one morning.

We all know (don’t we?) that criminals signal to each other about the prospective victims for their thuggery, in this case:

…which, as we all know, means “single woman lives here”.  Needless to say, when she went to the cops about it, she got a shrug of the shoulders and a “good luck” kiss-off — because, as any fule kno, the job of the cops is to clean up after a crime has been committed, not actually help prevent it.

Anyway, the women has got all sorts of advice from other online people, ranging from the ridiculous to the outright silly, when really all she needs to do is get a gun and learn how to use it.

Then she could create a couple signs like this:

…and stick them up in various windows around the place.  I don’t know if that would work, but it’s no worse than any of the other pieces of advice she’s received.

Of course, if Jade lives in a socialist location like California or New York, she’s just SOL, because their advice is pretty much of the “just give him what he wants” variety, which is fine unless he wants something like, I dunno, your life or your vagina or something, and not just the contents of your purse.


  1. Not meaning to abuse the obvious, but do you suppose she had sense enough to brush the snow away, effectively erasing the message, or was she a Liberal?

  2. Didn’t the hoboes do that kind of thing back in the days of hopping a freight train? In those days the messages were of the from, good for a meal here or steer clear, nasty dog.

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