News Roundup

Short and not so sweet, even though it’s the weekend:

more warnings from “experts”.  Feel free to ignore, as I will.

I’m just surprised, based on what I saw in Brussels many years ago, that it’s as low as that.

you mean, into still-greater chaos.  The situation, in a nutshell:

but you would get rather different results if the sample was drawn from “Big Tech management”.

yeah, good luck with that, Murdoch-spawn.

and in your case, that would be entirely true.

what I don’t like about this is that I’d also be added to the list just for calling a Democrat congressman a Commie cocksucker when he sat down next to me.

And finally:

you filthy animal, subjecting your poor girlfriend to such punishment.  Also:

…so I’ll just put a random [uh-huh]  pic in here to highlight the man’s predicament [sic] :

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  1. … well, the first one don’t bother me much, as I don’t drink one small glass of wine a night…

    (in case it’s necessary, sarcasm alert)

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