1. Is joining them considered submission? What if instead, I work to infiltrate them and then go full dictator myself?

  2. One can, and some should, actually engage in all three facets of the postulated reactions to a totalitarian state.

    If successful, said state will never truly grok the actor’s true posture, nor even know which particular person was the actor of the moment.

    Yessir, Yessir, three bags full, may I have another please? (he said while quietly building a new set of baffles or such). And, etc. And no, that’s not my wooden sabot in that gearworks. See, I’ve got both of my pair right here! (he said as he swore he would be an impartial juror.) And, etc.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. Working on some legal ways to resist what amounts to a colonial regime. Ireland and Israel are probably the gold standard here. The adversary wants to pretend that the Constitution is still in effect. We can take advantage of this. Suggestions are strikes/boycotts, shunning of the security forces (in our case, especially the FBI), setting up of parallel institutions like schools, courts and banks. In the case of schools, after school programs, teaching history and patriotism. In the case of courts, it would have to be civil law, set us as arbitration forums. Banks should probably emulate the Islamic banking system. Been working for a thousand years and still working in the US now. If anyone is expert on this, think about it. Need to do some more work on Gandhi and Walesa to look for more ideas. Gandhi, I know was big into boycotts and self reliance.

    1. Until they outlaw home schooling, parallel schools are doable, and if we enter into contracts that provide that disputes are adjudicated by a mediation/arbitration company that has a similar three level adjudication process, with a jury as the initial finder of fact, that should also be doable. My big objection to mediation and arbitration is that the lawyers they get to arbitrate rarely have any understanding of how hearsay works, and the decisions are therefore garbage.

      1. I am especially interested in a clone of the Islamic banking system. Think of the fun when the regulators come after us. I need to get a book about how it works.

  4. Submit, nullify, kill.

    I asked the aging monkey about this and he barred his fangs and snarled kill! Vicious little beast.

    Well, devil take the hindmost and twice as fast.


  5. Since they’ve stated that we are surplus to their plans, they’re surplus to mine.
    May the best man/woman win.
    No Rules – No Limit!

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