RFI: Brave Problems

I know a couple of you folks use the Brave browser, and I need a little assistance.

When I create a bookmark for a page, it doesn’t appear anywhere:  not in the folder I select, nor, it appears, anywhere else.  This happens regardless of whether I use the little Bookmark shortcut on the left of the URL, or hit CTRL+D.

Brave’s homepage doesn’t seem to have any actual help functions — only FAQs and a forum to which I can’t submit a query, or start a thread.  Highly irritating.

Any advice or assistance will be appreciated.



  1. Make sure you have the bookmarks visible: the 3 dashes in the upper right -> Bookmarks -> Show Bookmarks

  2. Upper right hand corner, just under the X. There are three horizontal lines. Menu pops up and bookmarks should be the seventh thing on there.

  3. My Brave has a red dot with a white arrow at the far right end of the bar with the address box.
    When you click the dot, you get a menu, one item on which is Bookmarks … also history and a bunch of other stuff. If you click Bookmarks, another popup will show you a menu that has Bookmark Manager. Click that to get a new window showing your bookmarks in a tree structure.

    The menu under the red dot also has Settings. If you open Settings, one of the items under the Appearance box is a switch labeled “Show Bookmarks” I believe that will activate a bookmarks bar under the address bar.

    And, yes, Brave documentation sucks mightily.

    Check that. On my W/10 box, it’s a 3-horizontal bar icon, not a red dot with an arrow. Same function as I described, however.
    (We tech-weenies call that a “hamburger icon” by the way.)

      1. Works for me too. I get a dropdown one of which says Bookmarks. Go to that line and one of the options is Bookmark this tab.

  4. I can’t help directly, you being on ‘doze and me on crapple, but I had similar problems with Brave, leading me to think that Brave is a bit immature in development.

    I went with Vivaldi, https://vivaldi.com, like Brave, also based on chromium.

    Now, many people avoid anything based on chromium because google. But chromium is open source, and the developers of Vivaldi are totally on board with blocking the google-snooping that is built in, keeping the helpful service features, and strengthening the platform’s usability and security with a combination of own code and good documentation on how to turn off anything you don’t trust. There is a good online “how to” to do it as well – https://help.vivaldi.com/desktop/#privacy.

    Unfortunately that’s a bit of a learning curve, but I found it worth doing to get off the snoop-and cancel circuit as much as possible, with a really nice browser as a bonus.

    It is a sad truth that there are no good, totally “new” browsers that are not based on mozilla, webkit/safari, or chromium.

  5. I may have misstated my problem.

    All my bookmarks created in Mozilla and Chrome were transported to Brave without fuss. I just can’t create NEW bookmarks using Brave’s commands. I click on the Bookmark button, it says it’s saved, but nothing actually happens.

        1. Trying it out now, switching from Brave, which was giving me login issues with Disqus.

          Liking it better so far.

  6. Bookmarks have been a bit of a learning curve for me.

    My new bookmarks were going to the very bottom of my imported bookmarks from the Firefox bookmark toolbar (not the “Imported from Firefox”). Try digging deeper down the pile.

    Also, look in the bookmark manager and scroll way to the bottom. If I look at the Bookmarks, I can’t scroll to the bottom.

    Also, in Settings under Appearance, make sure Show Bookmarks is on. This gives you a bookmark bar at the top and a double carat on the top right that will let you scroll to the bottom. Looks like >>

  7. Though I can scroll to the bottom of the bookmarks toolbar when I click the >>.

    It will take some getting used to for me.

    1. I have Brave on Linux here. To the left of the address bar next to the ‘home/house’s icon there is a ‘bookmark’ icon: a vertical rectangle with a part circle cut out of the bottom. Clicking that opens a dialog to save a bookmark in the Bookmarks structure. You can accept the displayed folder or open a sub-dialog to change.
      You may be missing something: when I imported my existing bookmarks they were created as a complete set *under* the actual root of the Brave bookmark structure. You may be looking in your imports while the native folders are collapsed

  8. When you hit the bookmark icon, it should ask where you want to put it. You can pick a folder. Put it where your others are.

    Ctl+Shift+O opens the bookmarks manager (or clicking on the three bars under the exit “X” . You’ll see all the folders, and location of the bookmarks.

    1. It does all that. I select a folder, hit “Done” but no new bookmark will appear in the folder selected.

  9. I’m giving Brave a bit of a checkout on my Android phone before committing to it on my desktop. Works okay, BUT there seems to be no way to import bookmarks at all. No big deal, since I have only about a dozen sites bookmarked. But on the desktop I probably have over a hundred.

    Also looking at Dissenter, before I dump Firefox.

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