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Here’s an interesting consequence of the Chinkvirus:

Denmark is set to introduce a government-sponsored coronavirus vaccine passport in coordination with airlines early this year, a national Danish broadcaster has revealed.

Now the idea of a “vaccination passport” has a whole bunch of people tied in knots, as it’s just one step away from the old “Papieren bitte”  way to install restrictions, tracking and control on travel.

I’m not one of them.  In the first place, proof of vaccination has always been a fact of life when traveling anywhere outside your home country;  try visiting India or Africa without proof of smallpox/yellow fever/etc. etc. in your passport, and you’ll be turned away from the boarding area.  (This, by the way, is as much to ensure that not only are you immune to catching the pox whilst Over There looking at strange temples etc., but that you don’t bring said pox back with you to an un-vaccinated home population.)  The only reason one doesn’t need proof of vaccination when traveling from the U.S. to places like Britishland and Euroland is because said diseases are not only notionally extinct (except where, surprise surprise there are large numbers of illegal and un-vaccinated border-jumpers), but where children are routinely vaccinated in order to attend school and so on.

So I’m indifferent to the idea of a Chinkvirus vaccination passport as part of international travel — and for that matter, in terms of local travel and behavior as well — and especially because once inoculated, I wouldn’t have to wear a stupid and ineffective face-condom every time I wanted to go out of the house.

Of course, the conspiracy morons are going to insist that Gummint is going to use Pox Passports to track individuals’ movements and behaviors, and of course that is a valid concern.  Just remember, though, that we’re talking about Government here:  the morons who can’t find their own assholes with both hands, a map and a trail of crumbs.

I know that in movies, government agents always require just a few clicks on their (Apple — LOL) laptops to create all sorts of data reports at the drop of a hat — the risible Person Of Interest  TV series being the apotheosis thereof.  Longtime students of both government, database systems and the combination thereof know that this facility is very much part of the suspension of belief required to view any work of fiction these days.

Besides, I’m relying on the criminal marketplace to produce passable copies of said documents in sufficient numbers to make the entire thing untenable — just as fake driver’s licenses can and have been used to enable fraudulent voting.

It’s a non-issue, and we have bigger things to worry about.


  1. Not so sure it’s a non issue. I can easily envision the Cuomos/Newsoms/Kamalas of the world requiring Kung Flu papers to buy & sell. They’ve already fined & jailed the great unwashed for presuming to deploy common sense to keep the doors of their businesses open. They’ve always been hell bent on crippling the private sector and making it Big Bro’s bitch; this would be a welcome addition to their arsenal.

  2. Only thing is the chink pox virus vaccine is only good for two months and you still need to wear the face diaper. Not to mention the health issues associated with it down stream.

    I see a cottage industry around counterfeiting the papers.

  3. I’m not opposed to vaccination, I’m just opposed to taking this “vaccine”, because it is no such thing. Vaccines used dead or weakened infectors to train your body to fight off the disease. Tried and proven.

    This thing infects you itself and then starts taking over your cells to create fragments of parts of the alleged chinkvirus — and I say alleged not in that there is no virus, but alleged in that they STILL have not managed to isolate the virus and therefore can’t be sure that these fragments are actually FROM it — which, to top everything off, doesn’t prevent you from being infected nor from infecting others.

    It just lightens the symptoms.

    That’s not a vaccine. I’ll wait until they have a real vaccine, which will come about the time they manage a vaccine for that other common coronavirus, the common cold.

    1. There are about a dozen different viruses from several different virus families causing the common cold, and coronavirus is only involved in 15% of them. You can’t sell a vaccine that “prevents 1 out of 6 colds” (or less if the virus ever mutates), so no one even tried. It would take about 5 different vaccines to even prevent half of colds, and you’d be likely to get sick from that many vaccines mixed into one shot – and you’d have to repeat the shot more often than a flu vaccine because of rapid mutations in most of the viruses. (Flu vaccines are a mix of two or three vaccines, all against different strains of the _same_ virus species, and average only 50% effective right after the shot due to virus mutations while the vaccine was tested and produced – but that’s all they can mix together and not make too many people sick.)

      There are several other coronaviruses causing other human diseases, but none that are common and dangerous enough to make vaccine development pay off. The last attempt was with SARS about 19 years ago, but by the time the vaccine was ready to begin testing, the disease had died out on its own. That was a year and a half after SARS was first recognized as a dangerous new disease. Now there’s supposed to be a tested vaccine in less than a year after the country of origin even admitted SARS-2/COVID-19 was contagious? They must have taken huge shortcuts; supposedly new vaccine technology allowed this, but that also means that normally years of safety testing would have been required before the FDA even allowed them to start testing its effectiveness.

  4. Fuck that.

    Ask me again after a bunch of other gullible morons have guinea pigged it for a few years.

    I agree with you in principle otherwise, but I don’t trust THIS vaccine.

    As to Denmark? Whatever, their country their rules.

  5. Not even thinking about taking this crap. If it keeps me out of Europe, so be it.

    As for requiring it to travel in the states, I gotta say you’re usually prescient but you’re way off the rails here. The lack of a soon to be required vaccine card will prevent you from a variety of used to be, every day acts.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet and the rodeo has barely started.

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