1. Agnes was so frigid she could barely keep ahead of the ice forming as she went for a swim.

  2. Al Gore told my students and me that by 2021 we’d be like Miami here in Wisconsin, and we would be swimming in the pond on New years day. And I’m going to prove he was right.

  3. “How was your ice fishing trip?”

    “It was terrible! It took us almost all day just to get the boat in the water.”

  4. ‘It’s cold out’ she says. ‘Put on a hat and gloves’ she says.
    How long before Mother realises I’m old enough to decide for myself?

  5. After all those years in the penitentiary, Kate just couldn’t break the habit of breaking big things into little things!


    Here we see unelected Oregon governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown focusing her hatred on small business owners!


    With only a few more months ‘left’ to utterly completely destroy Oregon businesses, unelected governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown practices her swing!

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