If you happen to go to Wikipedia nowadays, you’re confronted with this banner:

Neutral and verified information?  And yet, time and time again we’re faced with situations like this:

Since the election of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Wikipedia editors have been downplaying or removing mention of controversies from her page. This has included minimizing mention of antisemitism controversies over her comments about Israel and its supporters, excluding mention of personal scandals, and censoring details about Turkish lobbying ties. Editors have meanwhile given considerable attention to alleged mistreatment of her by others, particularly President Donald Trump who editors tied to threats Omar received.
Omar’s treatment on Wikipedia regarding antisemitism, where editors have kept such allegations out of her page’s introduction in favor of more benign descriptions of her views on Israel, stands in stark contrast to the harsher treatment of various Republican officials.

And there are more, much more examples.  Even one of their founders thinks they’re full of shit.

So to the Wikipedia people who want my money:  fuck you.  I hope you dance the wokey-pokey.


  1. I use Infogalactic. Wikipedia can die screaming and spend eternity being sodomized by an elephant.

  2. It’s far worse than simple edit wars with activists. The moderators consider themselves the arbiters of truth and will actively ban people who attempt to make too many edits that they don’t agree with. If a page gets too much disagreement they’ll lock it down so that only they can edit it.

  3. I see their blegging, and a program runs through my brain (in BASIC since Im old as shit)

    20 PRINT “LOLGF FOADIAF you commie pricks.”
    30 GOTO 10

  4. If you check Ilhan Omar’s page it’s locked down from too many edit wars, so only the “approved” moderators are permitted to present their version of history.

  5. The importance of critical thinking and recognizing bias is utterly important and thus not taught in high schools and colleges anymore. The “Question Authority” is only to be applied towards conservatives now. Anything from a liberal progressive statist’s mouth is to be taken as gospel now. Heretics are to be doxxed, publicly shamed, banned from the public arena and professional life etc.

    Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 are being used as blue prints by the statists.


  6. I have used Wikipedia for more than a decade, maybe two. I use it for STEM related issues – solid continuum mechanics or to try and understand some particular applied mechanics procedure. I never, ever, ever go near any socio-political wiki entry. The woke assholes haven’t gone after the STEM entries that interest me. They are too ignorant and too stupid to do so. I quickly looked at Infogalactic and its a start, but for what interests me, it needs a lot of work. I’ll use it from time to time and see if the quality and quantity improves.
    OTOH… There recently was an op-ed by a Harvard Law student in the WaPo. Said scholar is urging the purging of any programming reference to master and slave processes, because, racist. The guy has deferred getting a real job for three years and forgoing earning a living. His degree will probably set him back $250 large. And this is his contribution to society? So yeah, it is a concern.

  7. I use Wiki from time to time to look up facts about old aircraft, some factual history stuff but I never trust them when it comes to telling the story about anything including wars and battles. The real problem is the younger generations who have been fed the lies and have no point of reference when it comes to racial issues and the doors that have been opened for over a half a century and we are paying a price for these sons-a-bitches to get a toe hold and then go on to dominate the reference media. They stole our nation and our world and that theft will not be fixed, not in our lifetime if ever, but we will not go quietly.

  8. Yeah, I use Wikipedia because it’s so convenient. But like all things of its ilk, it has been taken over by commie, liberal propagandists. The bias has permeated a good idea, and turned it into repugnant filth no one can trust for the truth. But that is the way these people operate, so what did we expect?

  9. You put a snowflake in,
    You pull a snowflake out,
    You put a snowflake in,
    And you riot all about.
    You do the wokey pokey,
    Then you burn it to the ground,
    And that what it’s all about.

  10. I read your Pinochet post, then this one and looked up Pinochet on Wiki to refresh my memory. I had of course forgotten that Pinochet almost no redeeming features and personally tortured, maimed and then killed several trillion helpless, sweet natured peasants and intellectuals, and cooked and ate the socialist leader Salvador Allende.

    Then I looked up Allende on Wiki and they told me he was the Socialist God-Hero Of Chile and described in paragraph after paragraph how saved the people of Chile from slavery to capitalists and made them rich, happy, well fed and with plenty of concrete boots.

    The two articles were so over the top commie nutso that they were actually funny, in a horrid way.

    We get similar Wiki appeals up here in Canada and once they asked for my opinion. They won’t do that again soon.

  11. I rarely use Wikipedia for much of anything, because I am an opinionated Old Bastid and I already know everything about everything. I am possessed with the Truth As I See It, so I need no help from anyone else.

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