Wokey Pokey

Seen at C.W.’s place a while back, this:

You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh hysterically.  “Diverse rolodex” ?

By the way:  the only “beautiful and diverse” thing is an actual rainbow.  As a social construct, diversity is unnatural and doomed to failure, but we’ll let the Loonies find that out all by themselves.

As for the title of this post, I have coined it to describe the death process that is intrinsic to Insty’s “Get Woke, Go Broke” expression.  So when some organization starts going into the crapper as a result of wokism, we’ll call it “doing the wokey pokey”.

It’s a happy little dance… well, for us, anyway.


  1. The ‘Wokey Pokey’?!?! Bwahahaha!! Kim wins the Internet for the day! Great way to start Monday laughing!

  2. “Unity In Diversity” is an Orwellian phrase if I ever heard one. And “Celebrate Diversity” has become “Celebrate Diversity Or Else”.

  3. Let’s narrow this down to Mz Angyal’s current situation. She wrote stupid things, she won stupid prizes. If she’s looking for sympathy now, she’ll not find it among Conservatives, nor will she find it among “woke” liberals, who will soon forget her as she is replaced by another “celebrity du jour” because she just wasn’t woke enough.

    When it’s your job to feed the alligators, keep in mind that one day they’re going to want more than chicken.

    1. To quote the Marines in “Battle Cry”, by Leon Uris, “As the Russian Marines say, ‘Toughsky Shitsky’.” Or, for a family audience, what Humphrey Bogart said in Sahara, “That’s tough.”

    1. It’s a crazy person who believes, or pretends to believe, that he’s neither male nor female.

  4. Evidently I am not alone in noticing that the diversity market is oversaturated. I’d suggest Chloe try something different but I’m sure she’d rather be unemployed and pitied.

  5. For a mere $15.00, you can buy her book (Kindle Edition, hardcover will cost you double.) Turning Pointe: How a New Generation of Dancers Is Saving Ballet from Itself. It won’t be published until May, so you’ll need to restrain yourselves.

    I’m spending my Christmas bucks on ammunition.

  6. Guys: Don’t worry about Chloe.

    She’s got that “PhD in Romantic Comedies” to fall back on.

    1. Next time I need somebody to teach, criticize, act in, or write a romantic comedy I’ll remember her. Until then Mickey D’s may be hiring.

    2. That was the point where I started laughing. If my only educational credential were a PhD in romantic comedies, I wouldn’t be bragging about it while trying to get someone to hire me.

      I actually DO have a stupid degree (B.A. in German Language and Literature), and there’s a reason my resume doesn’t mention it — just that I have a bachelor’s degree. That’s all employers need to know. If they hire me, it will be on the basis of my relevant experience. Nobody cares what I studied in college.

      I was stupid enough to pursue a master’s degree in Comparative Literature for a while, but I came to my senses, dropped out of grad school, and got a job as a technical writer. Best decision I ever made.

      1. I would also not start my please-hire-me sales pitch by praising myself as “lovely and talented.” No one wants to hire a narcissist.

  7. does anyone have a link to a video about a father who moved into a neighborhood with a good school for his daughter and then demanded students be bussed in to accomplish diversity. I think it might have been a parody.



      1. Thank you. Too bad stuff can’t be recorded from Youtube.

        That video, although satire, was really on target on how the left has the reverse midas touch, aka Obama Touch. They wreck everything they touch


  8. “Diverse rolodex”

    There’s her problem right there. Does anyone under 40 even know what a Rolodex is? …. and the fact that she still uses one, probably means she a computer illiterate. How she got a job at Huff Po in the first place is a mystery. Must have been the right flavor of the week at the time and that time has now past. Now that Trump has been replaced, they no longer need to be able to beat him over the head with “Diversity” they can get rid of all the window dressing.

    1. I threw my Rolodex in the trash in 1998, when I got my first Palm Pilot. Nowadays, all my contacts are stored in my phone and backed up online.

      I think it’s likely that Angyal uses a similar system, and just used the word Rolodex as a metaphor for her network of contacts. But your point is valid: saying “Rolodex” marks you as old, regardless of your actual age.

    1. That was a parody, right?

      The Onion or the Babylon Bee was joshing me again.
      I needed the chuckle!

      I posted this message in the SpaceRef ‘comments’ section, but apparently somebody at the O or BB considered it offensive.

      At least I tried…

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