Monday Funnies


So to lighten the load, let’s get silly:


And to continue with the cultural thread:

And just to round off the misery, a classical reference:

That’s enough of that stuff.  Here’s a little beauty, someone aptly-named Nikki Bella:

And yes, I know she has a twin named Brie:

…and we’ll look at Brie some other time.  Promise.

Now go to work, just like Nikki’s doing.


  1. Re: “Look ma! No Teef!”

    One of the things people who don’t ride tend not to understand is that motorcycles *want* to stay upright, and travel in a straight line, and will do so until some action is taken to disturb that balance. They will NOT just fall over unless you make them. Having two 35-45 lb gyroscopes spinning at {whatever} rpm is a big part of it.

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