1. Elliot Page tweets “My wife is kissing another man! And she seems to like it! What’s wrong with her?”

  2. Just prior to eagerly volunteering for the ‘railing’ test, Delores got all aquiver for the rugged fellow in the MAGA cap!

  3. Before he discovered a re-newed success with the ‘railing’ test, Dave hardly ever wore his MAGA cap.
    Now, of course, the ‘loveable rogue’ dons it immediately after stepping from the shower… and the ladies love him for it!

  4. After her ‘plumpness’ ‘adjusted’ the massive support beam (seen here behind the railing), Delores dragged the MAGA-cap gent around to the railing for the next phase of her MAGA-cap endurance evaluations!

  5. With nary a willing nor able companion to do the ‘railing’ test anyplace in the known universe, administrator Lori Garver retreats into the safety of dictating yet another dictate for the subjugation of TheMasses©!

    (for more about the pitiful mz Garver, see
    and prepare to wonder if that SpaceRef press-release is from the Onion or Babylon Bee…)

    1. That Ode To A Bureaucrat – Our Dear Mz Garver was nauseating. L’il Kim’s hagiographers would be hard pressed to top that.

      1. That press-release has a certain ‘gushing’ to it… as if it was writ by a self-promoting immediate subordinate hoping mz Lori Garver would deign to notice and offer a ‘hand-up’ promotion on their rise together ‘to the stars’.

        Of course, if I writ something similar about me, every blest word is fact, indisputable fact.

        Somehow, after reading the press-release, I get the impression mz Lori Garver might be less focused on the original NASA mission embiggened above the entry:
        * “We’re Going Places!”
        and more fixated on ‘bringing a diverse diversity to enhance the diversity foundation established by her diverse cow-orkers’… or somesuch blather.

        But there I go again, cross-posting… inciting cross-posting and fomenting cross-posting among innocent readers.

        To our host, I would like to offer my sincere apologies.
        I would like to but probably won’t, because you know, time constraints and all that.

        To all others, I bid all adieu!
        And to mz Lori Garver and her biographer, I wish you well.

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