News Roundup

No politics, just silliness… and a happy note to start off with:

hey Chinky:  if you have a moment, I have a list of similar scumbags you can take care of.

Okay, just one political thing:

what you get when Beetlejuice and Don King have a baby.

finally, scientists do something worthwhile.  Although waking up next to Lori Lightfoot (see above) would probably work even quicker.

like arguing over whether zombies are more dangerous than poltergeists.

sorry, kids, but the Romans pretty much defined White supremacy, with their roads, bridges, aqueducts, public buildings, plumbing (to name but some)none of which any other “civilizations” south of the Sahara ever managed to build.

no wonder Brit politicians are such ineffectual assholes, when they spend four times as much on wine than on beer.

And finally:

although they should probably have taken our guns away first, before deciding who goes on the cattle cars and into the “reeducation” camps.

Ah, the hell with all that.  Here’s some Heidi:


  1. Somehow I think the dog will do a better job that Lori ‘Groot’ Lightfoot.

    (No, seriously, that’s what Second City Cop calls her. Groot.)

  2. All looks aside, Beetle King won’t work as “hair of the dog”. She’s not of that, persuasion…

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