Pick One

I filched a pic from Knuckledragger, and here it is:

I’ve added letters to each style, and your task for the day, should you accept it, is:

Assuming you had as much hair as the models above, and had to choose one of the above for yourself today, which one would you pick?

(Bonus points if you actually had that same hairstyle in the 70s).

I’ll start the ball rolling:  K.  I have no problem with the style.  (Actually, during the Bass Guitarist Years my hair looked more like J, but we won’t talk about that now.)


  1. I got out of the navy in 74 and let my hair grow out into something resembling O – mostly because I didn’t have a lot of money for haircuts. Marge and I were married in 1976 and I still looked pretty much that way complete with the horrible bow tie. Today if I could support that much foliage I’d probably go with the Chuck Norris look of B. The model has a great set of “don’t mess with me” eyes.

  2. From roughly 1975 – 1980 hairstyle A was what I had. It changed to F until I started going bald. Today even if I still had hair I’d just buzz it off short.

  3. I’ll quote comedian Denis Leary on the 70’s: “I think drugs are the only possible explanation!”

    I’ll have to go with I. Because he looks like my middle school social studies teacher – in the mid-80s. (I was born in 1974, and sported a bowl cut for what little of the 70s I really remember. From all the photographic evidence, my dad (b. 1938) sported the same flat top he’d had since the 1950s.)

  4. Most of those models look like they were recruited from the monkey house of the local zoo.

    Snark aside, I notice that almost all of those styles require straight hair. Mine appears straight if kept short(ish) but long before it gets to the lengths above it goes off the reservation and becomes an amorphous collection of independent-minded strands each going their own way. Basically I become “K” whether I choose it or not.

    I lose out on the bonus points; being in the care of USMC barbers from 75-79 I had exceedingly few options in my hair style choices.

    1. you’re absolutely right! zoo! I thought the same thing

      I was a kid in the 70s. I think my hair might have been kept closest to I except my ears weren’t covered


  5. Well, first understand that I turned 16 in 1979.

    The closest to what I actually HAD in the 70s would be I. My mother suggested I try something like E, I told her I like girls.

    Today? Probably B (since I also have a beard), mostly because it looks low maintenance and I just can’t be bothered to mess with my hair (I generally buzz it when it gets long enough to part).

    Mark D

  6. I had A from 1965 to sometime in 1975 then I did not cut it for a while

    1973 on graduation was a definite A

    Now I am bald so I just keep it short. C’est la vie.

  7. If forced at gunpoint, A or I. Until I could find clippers. #4 on the sides, #8 on the top, done.

  8. None of the above. I was never that well groomed in the seventies.

    About ten years ago I was looking at old pictures at a friend’s house. There were pictures of people I hadn’t seen in years. I paused at one thinking “That guy looks like Zonker from the Doonesbury comics. Oh wait, I recognize that sweater he’s wearing. I think I might still have it packed away in a box somewhere.”

  9. I’d go with B or N if I could, never again with E after being stuck with it because the barbers where I lived didn’t even ask what hairstyle you wanted and gave every man that one all through the 1970s and into the 1990s.

  10. None of the above, when I had hair, (and I was 17 in 1970), it was very very curly, (if I met a Greek they assumed I was Greek as well until I spoke and even then asked “are you sure you’re not Greek?”), (though I kind of thought that blue eyes and blonde hair, instead of the fashionable grey I have now, precluded that), then I started going bald and buzzed the lot off.

  11. You are an evil man.

    However, looking back on my life in the 1970s, I’d go back there in a heartbeat, foul colors, bad hairstyles and crappy cars notwithstanding.

  12. F. If it was good enough for George Jones, Conway Twitty, and pretty much every man over 30 in my family in the 70s, it’s good enough for me now.

  13. Is ‘O’ the actor Paul Reubens aka PeeWee Herman?


    Avoiding trends is a trend for me.
    A decade ago, I stopped in at A&S Motorcycles near Sacramento California to see my buds Sicilian Tony and his lovely bride of over a half-century.

    Sicilian Tony has a hallway of photographs from the 1960s and 70s… and I looked pretty much as I do now:
    High-n-tight with a dash of intolerant death-glare.

    I rarely dated; I got very few second dates…

  14. I did not get my hair cut from summer of 1969 until summer of 1975, when I joined the Navy. It was 28″+ long and magnificent. I had girls begging me to WASH MY HAIR. Yes, I was the Original Sex Biscuit.

    I have had a MILSPEC haircut since then, just less of it. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  15. It was A when i got out of high school (73) and K from college till I got married in 80.
    Disclaimer: it was buzzed short for wrestling season and the summers I worked in a steel mill.

  16. Back in the 80s, I had a Wildean type O until I grew a beard at uni in 1986, so combine the two. Mid 90s I switched to a first a #4 and later a #2.

    Right now I’m just glad to have hair: I have a substantial balding spot; I trim my hair to a #3.

  17. I think I have had pretty much the same hair cut my entire life. It’s something like Maverick’s from Top Gun but I don’t hop on couches like that lunatic Tom Cruise.

    I grew it out in the early 90s and all it did was grow in thick and bush out. My Grandfather didn’t talk to me for about two months until I got it cut.


  18. “I” then.
    “I” now.
    Hell, “I” since 1965.
    If it works, don’t fuck with it.

  19. Orange plaid bellbottoms and the music is Andy Gibb, singing ‘Shadow Dancing’ for eternity?

    (With apologies to Denis Leary, who coined that gag)

  20. “A” with more volume high on the sides, from about 1970 until i decided to show my ears in 1983.
    pretty much no change since then.
    There was a period in the late seventies when my brother and I went to the same hair cutter, but alternated months. One time she grabbed my hair and said, “Your hair sure grows fast, doesn’t it.” I kind of shrugged and didn’t say anything.

  21. none of the above, I had my hair very short since age 6 and never changed, not even in the 60/70. It is probably one of the reason people at that time found me ” weird “.

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