1. Grumpy Old Men, the Musical, with a wise-cracking jolly Donald Trump in the iconic Walter Matthau role of Max Goldman and a whining, nasal Joe Biden recreating the Jack Lemmon role of John Gustavson.

  2. Weinstein the Musical might not be bad. IT could spawn an entire new industry. we could call it, Pornography!

  3. Four Precious Hours With Joseph Robinette Biden!, starring Joseph ‘Mister Excitement’ Biden

    Highlights Of My Successes!, with Hunter ‘Highlights’ Biden

    Slurring While Slam-Faced!, with Nan Pelosi channeling her alter-egos, the ghosts of Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy and Hillary ‘ClintonCrimeSyndicate’ Clinton

    Accumulating Mindless Friends And Followers!, by Zuck’s new algorithm

    Secrets Of Mostly-Peaceful Public Speaking!, with your local community organizers

    If I Had A Hammer The Sing-Along!, brought to your home by local community activists

    Two Self-Centered Celloists Leering At Eye-Candy!, starring Hauser plus any available unemployed celloist

    Sad Songs Of The Perpetually Outraged!, with multi-millionare Joan Baez

    Insomnia Cure Number 49,651!, brought to you by the ‘always-inspiring’ Noam Chumski

    Avoiding Lynch-Mobs!, the ‘must-have’ tutorial for bankers

    2020 Surprises For 2020!, the prophetic revealings

    Helicoptering Over Oceans While Carrying marxist ‘Passengers’!, easy DIY trip-n-shove lessons by LargeMarge

    1. Recipes For Family-Size Crockpot!, with your host Jeff Dahmer

      Holiday Finger-Foods… With A Side Of Tootsies!, starring the always-irrepressible Jeff Dahmer

      Fifteen Minute Jams Using Discarded Brains!, sponsored by the Jeff Dahmer line of kitchen supplies

      Prepper Cooking For The Ultra-Survivalist!, a musical rendition of Jeff Dahmer’s popular Post-Apoch guide

      Honey, We Need More Kids!, the zany madcap comedy starring everybody’s favorite kitchen artist of mis-adventures… Jeff Dahmer

      Dating Advice For The Aspiring Chef!, the practical how-to stage production of Jeff Dahmer’s popular podcast

      Zombies For Supper!, another Jeff Dahmer hit

  4. Fiddling On The Roof – Anthony Weiner & Jeffrey Toobin
    Young Frankenstein – Dr. Fauci & John Kerry as the Monster
    Clueless – Starring Alyssa Milano and a cast of thousands

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