News Roundup

New reports which do not include Mazy Hirono or similar filth.

probably the same way we reacted when Obama won:  riots, demonstrations, burning buildings, mass protest marches, vitriol, death threats… oh, wait a moment.  That was the Left , when Trump wonNever mind.

I’ll take “Fuck off, Boris” for $400, Alex.

who are you and what have you done with Mitt Romney?

oh, there he is.  Never mind.

I’ll take “A Brick” for $5, Alex.

and for the win, I’ll take “Fuck Off, Doctor Doolittle” for $400, Alex.

sadly, it won’t be because most of them are dangling from trees and lamp posts.

and if you don’t laugh like a Darwin-drenched crazed hyena at the details, I don’t wanna talk to you no more.

loath as I normally am to follow the Euros’ lead, I’d make an exception here.

she must look better in a dimly-lit bedroom;  otherwise this is inexplicable, even for a horny 17-y/o.

wait a second, let me fix that quickly:

…there ya go.

well, it kinda depends on the choices, e.g.:

Finally, to end this on a happier note, and for those who wanted to see more Kelly Brook, here she is (link in pic):

Yer welcome.


  1. If one option was “Sex with Hirono,” I’d be reaching for the other button before I even read the label.

    A droid? Well, I hope she’s cute.

  2. The link to the “school the rapist loses license…” item should have come with a spew warning or something.

  3. Good morning Kim,
    Thanks for the pic of Kelly Brook. Gotta love a woman with real curves, especially in the, ahem, superstructure. More like that, please and thank you.

  4. …sadly, it won’t be because most of them are dangling from trees and lamp posts.

    Yet to be determined.

  5. Lessee, sex with Hazy Mazy, the Maui Moose, or sex with a droid shaped like an overflowing galvanized trash can at an over-used dog park? Gee, Kim, where are the tough questions?

  6. On the topic of Bad-Touch Joe’s policy of “Shoot him in the leg”:

    OK, let’s follow this to its conclusion.

    A police officer has someone who, for whatever reason, he’s determined he’s not justified in firing a potentially fatal shot to center-mass, so instead he shoots him in the leg, following the advice of the same expert that advocated shooting a warning shot thru the door with your double-barreled shotgun.

    How long does your average, adrenalized person live with a severed femoral artery? Bueller? Bueller?

    Yeah, that’ll play well with the perpetually aggrieved. “We didn’t want to kill him, but he bled out because we accidentally hit one of the biggest arteries in the body, and the biggest outside the torso. Oooops.”

    And all this stupidity comes out despite a media that’s carrying his jockstrap 24/7. Further proof that he has his head so far up his ass that he has to open his mouth to blow his nose.

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