Monday Funnies

Today is not quite as bad as the usual Monday, because it’s New Wife’s ___ birthday.

Wish her well in Comments, if you’d like.

In the meantime, let’s move on with our regular programming because for everyone else, it’s still Monday morning:

So here we go:

And speaking of which:

Serve him right for buying H&K.

And for some good news:

…and shopping:

No get out there and do your shopping.  Here’s the countdown.


  1. Madam Du Toit,

    Please, accept my sincere congratulations on reaching another waypoint in a hopefully long journey!
    And give your squeeze a hug for me!

  2. Happy Birthday to New Wife, Happy Birthday to You!

    (sung in the key of “I can’t carry a tune”)

  3. Licking Chinese doorknobs would be more relevant to me were it juxtaposed with an invitation to the opera.

  4. Have you heard that 64 is the new 40? Well, that’s true if you count in hexadecimal.

    Many happy returns to the young lady.

  5. A very Happy Birthday Mrs dT.
    Keep Kim in the kitchen, working on cakes and decorating them. He is coming along well !

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