1. “Holy Shit Señor Tamalez, you piece of shit, we might be able to shoot you now to avoid putting you in the back of our vehicle and just let the medics haul your sorry, stinking ass off to the morgue and that comes close to a justifiable, officer involved, shooting.”

    “Holy Shit Señor Tamalez, tu pedazo de mierda, podríamos ser capaces de disparar ahora para evitar que te ponga en la parte trasera de nuestro vehículo y dejar que los médicos llevar su pena, apestando el culo de la morgue y que se acerca a un oficial justificable, involucrado, disparar.”

  2. Morning sickness…….. I told you I was pregnant……Now can I have My transfer to the woman’s facility?

    ….. Bubba said if crawled through the sewer system I would exit on the other side of the fence, the lying piece of shit…..

  3. In this spectacular portrait for her profile advertisement on Match.com, Amanda models her magnificent buns!

  4. After literally hours of drudgery in the gymnasium, Amanda is justifiably proud of her magnificent buns!

  5. Astute viewers might note the ‘growing older’ transitional phase of Amanda’s bums, those elusive moments between awesome and yuck!

  6. While Amanda displays her disgusting buns, several innocent on-lookers attempt suicide after their eyeballs scorch beyond repair!

  7. Bathroom tissues ready in-hand, Amanda impatiently awaits her turn in the disposal unit.

  8. Here we see dedicated Porta-San Inspector Amanda as she she ‘spot-checks’ one of the units under her professional care!

  9. In this extraordinary example of the photographic arts, we note the excellent use of vertical lines… marred only by the hideous roundnesses of Amanda’s buns.

  10. Knowing none of her cow-orkers can match her timeliness and reach, Amanda gloats in her new promotion as Head Paper Hander!

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