5 Worst Notes

…that Amy Coney Barrett could have written on her pad while being interrogated  grilled  questioned by the Senate Democrats.

I’ll start the ball rolling:

  • “Check out Becky’s new beef stew recipe on Facebook.”
  • “If Scalia could see this clownshow, he’d be laughing his ass off.”
  • “# questions that have bothered me:  ___”
  • “Pick up eggs at 7-11 on the way home.”
  • “Also cream.”

Your suggestions in Comments.


  1. Find a ‘go fuck yourself with a chainsaw’ card for Mazie Hirono.

    As an aside: the rancid Hirono cunt is nearly enough to make me ashamed of my Hawaiian roots.

    1. Suggest Senator Hazy Morono be awarded the “Senator Hank Johnson, Capsizing Guam” prize for her line of questioning during her time in the national spotlight.

      1. Picking nits: HJ works his stupidity in the House. The Guam jive was breathtakingly moronic & good for a laugh, in a ‘look at the village idiot’ kind of way. Hirono’s ACB roast was vicious & malignant to an extent that made me want to see her doused in gasoline & set on fire.

        1. Sorry about that. This whole sordid mess known as the Democrat party is what a friend of mine in High School would dismiss with, “Cosmic, man, just — Cosmic.”

  2. Credit where it’s due: “Go fuck yourself with a chainsaw.” Stolen from Dixy Lee Ray, a one-term governor of Washington state while I was growing up there. A straight-up honest broad who didn’t suffer fools; who offered said advice to a reporter once upon a time.

  3. Gift To Do List:
    For Senator Dianne Feinstein: An illuminated translation into Yiddish of “May the dogma be with you” with quotations from the Chinese translation of the Kaballah.

    For Senator Mazie Hirono: A copy of the “Female Eunuch” by Germaine Greer, edited by Ghislaine Maxwell, with marginal critique by Jeffrey Epstein.

    For Senator Kamala (Punctuation) Harris: A copy of “Zen and the art of Office Bicycle Maintenance” by Willie Brown.

    For Senator Chris Coons: An ear syringe and a copy of “The Difference Between Packing a Court and Packing a Pension Plan” by Hunter and Joseph Biden with a gushing endorsement by Jill, their mother.

  4. Point buy for next D&D character.

    Jokes aside, someone needs to slap the taste out of that bitch Hirono’s mouth.

  5. Dear Senators Mazie, DiFi, Round Heels, Coonface, Spartacus, Weepy Amy, Leaky, Pseudovet, Turban:
    How’s that shit sandwich tasting?
    Want the recipe?

  6. The wrong note is none of the above! 🙂 You know that note they play at the start of Top Gun? Imagine the string breaking!

  7. The internet is rife with great suggestions for filling in Barrett’s blank note pad. Some are even for a rated G audience!


  8. Given the intellectual contrast between her and her interrogators, I was thinking some sort of abstruse mathematical proof would have been priceless. Like the one in Good Will Hunting without the Leftist poison. She could have offered to autograph it for the Senator who wanted to see her notes.

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