Off The Shoulder

In today’s post I’m going to sing the praises of an article of women’s clothing which alas seems quite unfashionable these days, whereas it should be as perennially popular as blue jeans:  the loose, baggy, off-the-shoulder sweater.  Here’s an example:

The wonderful thing about this garment is that it looks sexy:  that slightly impression of wantonness  coupled with (in some cases) a tantalizing glimpse of the breast whenever the lady leans forward makes, for me at least, a hugely-erotic sight.

It’s completely ruined by the appearance of a bra strap, by the way;  the whole essence of the thing is near-nudity, even under so large and thick a garment.

Now I know that Not All Women Can Go Braless… but actually,  a loose floppy sweater does an excellent job of concealing loose, floppy breasts, for example, so what would be unthinkable with any other garment top is not at all out of the question with a wide, loose-topped sweater.  Here’s one with a very loose neck:

In each of the above cases, the model has a fairly modest bust — but a larger one would make the garment quite sensationally sexy.

While I quite like the Victorian “below-the-shoulder” (i.e. both shoulders uncovered), it’s a little more overt (albeit also very sexy too):

…but this one is definitely reserved for the Young ‘N Perky Set because of its tightness.

But a big ol’ floppy sweater falling off one shoulder?

Have mercy.



  1. Poorly designed and sloppy, looks uncomfortable too.
    Paired with jeans with manufactured holes and you’ve reached the pinnacle of american fashion design.

    1. Amen brother! What’s worse are tops where there is another cut near the top of the sleeve, which falls off the shoulder and makes the garment look defective.

  2. There is something exceptionally naughty about that triangular clean line from swell of bosom to ear…

  3. Sadly, while this look is so becoming to so many young lovelies, an afternoon trip to Target or Walmart on days when the weather is cool will yield a great many Plus Sizes attempting this same fashion statement, leading me to finish my afternoon in a local tavern trying to forget what I have seen.

  4. Well, it’s coming back in style. This is a personal favorite look of mine, be it a rib knit sweater over fitted denim, or a silk dress. I was a child in the 80s and this look seemed to be everywhere, and it set my fashion sense in a way.

    It can look terribly sloppy, and on undefined shoulders and invisible collarbones, best avoided. In a very formal garment, it is graceful and lovely. In the 1940s it was a popular silhouette for dresses, gowns, and celebration attire. It is not for somber occasions.

    That “I just tumbled out of your bed” look is nice for photographs or your husband, but it doesn’t do to wear it in public, as it looks messy and advertises sexuality in a cheap way. Unless you want that, I suppose; zeitgeist says we can’t dictate sense of any kind to people, including fashion sense or manners, so telling a girl that it’s inappropriate to wear torn jeans and an off shoulder sweater to her grandfather’s funeral is akin to violence and misogyny.

    1. You say “it looks messy and advertises sexuality in a cheap way” like it’s a Bad Thing…

      LTNS, Fieldsy. Welcome back.

  5. I’m with Kim on this, it’s an incredibly sexy look. Combine it with a knee-length, denim a-line skirt, also sans undergarments and we’re firmly in the “seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than four hours” realm.

    Mark D

  6. Off the shoulder? Oh yes.

    > Now I know that Not All Women Can Go Braless…

    But they can wear a corset.

    Now you’ll have to excuse me a moment.

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