King Midas In Reverse

No, not the awful Graham Nash song.  This is a clear and concise look at how the Left has turned everything it touched — and eventually controlled — into shit.

The hard Left believes its mission is so critical, so morally superior, that all means can be justified to achieve its noble ends. And so almost every institution that the Left has in its line of vision is now petrifying.

Of course, Victor Davis Hanson is too much of a gentleman to say what I said, bless him.  But “petrified” means “turned to stone” (hence his title of the article), and academia, Hollywood, urban centers, sports and the military’s leadership have not been thus transformed.  Turned into stone — at any stage before, say, 2002 would have been fine;  but now it’s all gone to shit, and we have the Left to thank for it.

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  1. Of COURSE everything the Left does turns to shit. The left worships Government above all, and government does exactly TWO things well: Nothing, and kill people. (I don’t recall where I read that or who said it, if I could I’d give credit. If someone reminds me I’ll do so.) So any function you place in the government’s hands will devolve to either the government doing nothing, or killing people. If neither of those are your goals, you get shit.

    1. Whichever Government does, nothing or kill people, one thing is a certainty. You as taxpayers will pay dearly for that “service.”

  2. I really should remember the name of the pundit (and for that matter, the situation), but some wonk once described some congresscritter or other as having the “Reverse Midas touch with the Tom Harkin Twist: Every golden thing he touched turned into a pile of dung.”

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