From the former CEO of Twatter:

Ummm I’m just going to make a hypothetical situation here, but I would think that another kind of revolution (with different initiators, if you get my drift) could easily see media shitstains like this guy being among the first to be led to the helicopter pad.

Everyone’s all excited about curtailing something called “eliminationist rhetoric” from the public discourse, but I disagree.  Let these twerps show their asses enough, for identification purposes, and we’ll see how the biscuit breaks.

Even arch-eliminationist Che Guevara eventually found his own wall to be stood up against:

Just sayin’…


  1. Mr. ex-Twatter apparently doesn’t understand that historically when “his” side wins, useful idiots like him are often the first up against the wall.

  2. I think it would be splendid if he had to wait in the Green Room, for Jack Dorsey to be dispensed with.

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