News Roundup

Here We Go Again, with acerbic commentary that will make your lips scrunch up like Nancy Pelosi eating a lemon.

turned right instead of left at Damascus, and there he was.

I think this is the first SC judge I’ve may actually have fallen in love with.

ummm no, actual structural racism was in one of your nation’s former colonies, Ginger — that being South Africa — and it was called apartheid Everything else is just a pale shadow.

the only news in this is that the dad was arrested.  Apparently the Australian rozzers want to keep all the paedo-punching for themselves.

and note how the headline puts “de-arrest” in quotes, but not around “woman”.  And speaking of weirdos:

yup.  Hoofbeats are definitely getting louder.

a Democrat lying about gun control?  In other news, polar bears eat seals, sun rises in east, etc.

“pure evil”?  I can think of better examples, quite frankly.  And if “rape” is defined as “sexual intercourse without consent”, how can this be called rape?  Asking for a friend.

not reported:  whether any pins were involved.  (Yeah, he was a sperm donor.)

I think I may have responded “Oh God, yes” to this one.

And finally:

Mrs. Crouch shows off her nipples.  Not that this is news, or anything, but it was a slow weekend.


  1. Re: Dark Justice – I’m not surprised that the wretch was punched, I am surprised that that was all he got!
    Re: Mrs. Crouch – it’s terrible that the poor lady can’t afford underwear, perhaps we could get up a collection?

  2. RE: Mark Kelly

    Everything else being equal, would he even be a candidate for the Senate if he wasn’t married to Gabby Gifford? Being forced to watch his incessant commercials, I learned the following:
    – to my above question, the answer is no.
    – He touts he was 25 years in the Navy, where he took orders every day, he was an astronaut, where he took orders, but he claims if elected he won’t take orders (ya hear that, Chuckie?)
    – In all his ads, not once does he admit to running as a Democrat (he’s an astronaut, he’s independent!)
    – His business dealings with China deserve serious looking into, just as soon as the Senate is finished with that Hunter Biden character.

  3. I am pleased that Mrs. Crouch took the time to show me her large and protuberant nipples.
    That said, as the old John Ford play, said ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore.

  4. Re: Mark Kelly

    I don’t live in AZ, so I don’t have a dog in this fight, but to me, as a veteran, I have gotten to the point that whenever a politician running for office starts to tout his military service, it is an automatic demerit.

    I don’t give a shit that you “served for 25 years” or whatever. While honorable service is, well, honorable, I also served in the US military and let me tell you, I met a *lot* of flaming assholes while I was in that I wouldn’t vote for on a bet.

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