1. Y’all Antifa gonna take yer riots to the rural areas? Well fine, hurry it up, I gotta make a beer run when we’re done.

    Antifa comin’? Well good, I need some fertilizer for mah ‘mater plants.

  2. “Putting the baby down” takes on a new and threatening meaning for Miss Norma Jean. As in “Don’t make me put the baby down, hon.”

  3. The morning after he asked to be weaned — a decision he would regret for all his days — avowed American ‘little Timmy’ shifted his interests to other ‘finer things in life’, seen here represented by a Remington 1100 gooser… and a mismatched pair of the finest pick-up trucks!

  4. Blond and blue-eyed and good-natured, avowed American ‘little Timmy’ was quickly reaching his ‘boiling point’ with that Deep Swamp crowd… and his ancestors smiled!

  5. The Deep Swamp crowd looked to ‘little Timmy’ and his sis as last-minute — and more articulate, and certainly more palatable — replacements for their bumbling 2020 presidential candidates.

  6. During a break from her third tour of combat duty overseas, United States Marine Mary Elisabeth Collins invites some of the neighborhood kids over for a Saturday morning class on firearms handling… and the Deep Swamp crowd trembled in terror!

  7. Home after her third tour of combat duty overseas, United States Marine Mary Elisabeth Collins enjoys an encouraging moment with her community before she and a few thousand of her friends finally put an end to the Deep Swamp crowd!

  8. Avowed American and United States Marine veteran Mary Elisabeth Collins casually balances her nephew and his favorite 12-gauge before the two join a few hundred thousand of their best friends in in a ‘mop-up action’ after ‘mostly-peaceful discussions’ with the Deep Swamp crowd!

    And their ancestors smiled.

    1. Yep. Flip-flops are Satan’s work. If those were Holden trucks in the background, she could be Australian.

  9. While her pose had all the right elements to win the Southern Cliche portion of the Miss Condescending pageant, it was quickly pointed out that she wasn’t also barefoot. It was an oversight that cost Tiffany the crown.

  10. Wussy LIberal: Why do you have a shotgun? Are you afraid of something?

    Non-wussy mom: I’m not afraid of a damn thing. I’ve got a shotgun.

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