News Roundup

With commentary more acid than a busload of hippies.

if this was the U.S.A., these would be classified as “Covid deaths”.

Joe Biden couldn’t bounce if you dropped him into the ocean from a helicopter at 10,000 feet — but I’m willing to try an experiment to see.

actually, it’s the socialists who are sounding desperate.  POTUS (and the rest of us conservatives) are doing fine;  we’re just waiting for November, Chuck.

that’s nice;  so now we don’t have to bring our own to the party?

West Nile virus:  “Hold my blood.”

what’s surprising about this incident is that it didn’t take place in Floriduh.  (Portugal?  Really?)

...a male teacher did this?  I didn’t know there were any left.

and Baby Vulcan smiles.

this would really suck if the spy was named something like Prof. Jim-Bob Goodoleboy;  but his name sounds like a menu item from Yuk Foo’s Takeout PalaceMore to the point:  someone ‘splain to me why we still allow these Commie fucks on campus.

apparently self-imposed, btw.  I know:  “Who she?”   Just some Brit reality show slut [multiple redundancies]


  1. What warms my heart about the first-time gun buyer surge is a significant number of them result in an epiphany about those “commonsense gun control laws” foisted upon the rest of us.

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