Quote Of The Day

“The Democrats’ hateful, moronic comments are beyond the pale, and the Democrats know it, but they don’t care because they have nothing to offer the public debate but rage, resentment and quackery. Until other Democrats stand up against this hysteria, they’re admitting to the country their party has no claim to national leadership.” — Republican Tom DeLay (TX), January 2001

Or, as the late and much-missed Acidman put it:

“I could tolerate leftists if they had any coherent ideas for a better way to do things. But they don’t. They cling stubbornly to failed brain-fart dreams that have been attempted over and over again with disastrous results, but they never learn. When better ideas come along, they simply screech and holler at them, then fling feces like the monkeys they are.”



  1. They do have a better way of doing things. It’s just that the things are varieties of mass murder. Conservatives need to quit thinking they are stupid.

  2. I’ve argued for decades that Socialists are either stupid, crazy or evil:

    Stupid, because they think it can work
    Crazy, because they know it’s never worked but this time it will (Einstein’s definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results)
    Evil, because they know it’ll end in starvation and mass murder for all but the elite, but they intend to be the elite.

    And yes there’s room to embrace “and”.

    1. Likewise.

      Hard to believe it has been 14 years since Acidman left us.

      Bloggers have come and gone over the years, but he was one that stood head and shoulders above a crowded field.

      (With the notable exception of our esteemed host of course).

  3. Acidman has been gone for 14 years.

    However, if you get a jonesing for some “acidic” commentary and a bit of nostalgia, his blog is still there! (Of course it hasn’t been updated for awhile.)


    PS: I kinda like that “Axis of Asshole” icon. I might have to swipe it.
    PPS: I wonder who’s been paying the hosting bill all these years?

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